Once again sexually desperate, low-status, unattractive men, thirsty for a woman to validate their “life plan” of traditional marriage, “hot sex with a chaste woman,” and having a “legacy,” use foreign born and Asian women as a way to have a woman who will respect his right-wing, conservative mindset. Generations of biracials being raised by right wing dads who hate “feminist, slutty” white women, social progress, ethnic minorities, mixed-marriages, multiculturalism, as the default, and saw foreign woman as their way to rise from their hole of irrelevance and powerlessness in the new age.

Oh, b-b-b-ut EurasianTiger is just a jealous Asian man! That’s probably exactly what white nationalist John Derbyshire says too, along with his Chinese wife!

Did I mention that this is nothing new – and has been happening since I was a kid in the 90’s, and even earlier?

Right wing men (or white men in general) love bashing on Asian countries while using the women as surrogates for their shot at finally feeling big enough after being emasculated by western women (who won’t touch them for being ugly or having mental problems or being racist); bashing Asians while having an Asian woman makes them feel justified to the western world (that makes fun of them for being a loser). Whenever you bring this up to the right wingers with Asian fetishes, their instinctive racial Tourette’s kicks in and they start immediately jibber jabbering about black men, feminism, and slutty white girls!

Virtually every guy who has a “thing” for Asian women has an inevitable pathological hatred for Asians, to compensate for the fact that he’s nothing but a predatory bottom-of-the-barrel loser who failed the make the grade with every other kind of woman, so they have to channel their cognitive dissonance at being a racist with an Asian wife or girlfriend, and their low social standing and unfulfillment (their wife’s aggressive, belittling, controlling, rude, cold, practical, unloving, asexual, rude behavior) into turbo racism against Asians (in particular the men).

Big problem is that half-Asian men are considered Asian men by the same society that white men want to preserve to retain their “sexual egos.”

It’s been said that a random white couple would be less racist against a half-Asian person than a guy with a “thing” for Asian women. (Wait – it’s been said? This has been the case my entire life). So now we have millions of Asian boys being raised by parents who hate Asian boys as a default. And society, as a whole, already hates Asian boys.

At one point in time, Russian women were seen as communists (the enemy), and Asian women seen as a third column; now the far-right marries them and hopes their children will carry on the far-right dreams of their fathers.

So what is the outcome of all this?

I myself have spent ten years trying to come to terms with being the biracial son of a white nationalist and a Chinese woman, having my Chinese heritage mocked by everyone I know – including Asians, and having lost my entire family to such a horrific dynamic. So I can’t imagine how others will fare. My gut feeling?

Not well.

Good luck with that.