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What if I told you that the men most desperate to maintain white male supremacy, who are the most opposed to race-mixing, multiculturalism, progress and feminism, and the most hateful of Asian males – are the ones raising, along with their “submissive,” insecure, pragmatist, white-supremacist wives, Asian looking sons – by the millions?

Do I have to describe why racist white men marry Asian women – and have been for decades?

It makes perfect sense, when you consider human nature and the nature of life.

Racist (but oh-so-horny) white guys view white women as the ideal, but race traitors and feminists who are “destroying western civilization”. Like most lonely, desperate men, they just need a woman to fulfill their urges; sexual, or ego, or otherwise.

These guys are ugly and socially ostracized, so no woman wants them so the compensate with racialized politics, mistaking sexual selection for feminism and “Jewish conspiracies.”

Asian women, being very insecure pragmatists and survivalists, are the only ones who will take them for social status / money / survival / “white babies.” The white racist, desperate for a chance to “get laid,” feels as if it is now his shot to feel unapologetically white, unapologetically racist, with a woman who will never challenge his sense of purpose and dominance. After all, after being rejected by non-Asian women, he feels at least he is better than Asian men.

The entire time, these losers with their Asian wives and kids can’t come to terms with the hostile, asexual, domineering behavior of the “replacement white” women, and the fact that their children don’t look like them, that their insecure wives won’t touch them, and constantly belittle them out of insecurity – and lash out.

Disaster in the making.

BIG, BIG, BIG mistake for so called “progressives” to turn a blind eye to this issue. Probably the biggest in the history of sociology, and nobody wants to touch it because it’s too sensitive, so here I am risking it all to fill the void. Essentially when white women became feminists, white men went somewhere else and created an entire generation of Elliot Rodgers, George Zimmermans and Christopher Mercers. Noticing a trend there?

Hapacalypse when?

What exactly did they think was going to happen?

And what exactly is society planning to do about this? Say sorry?