Ever notice how the children of Asian men and non-Asian women outperform the so-called “super babies” of WMAF couples?

Wow, two half-Asian male Youtubers with a strong, outgoing presence, a lack of neurosis, and confident in their dreams? And they both don’t have Asian moms?

What could they be doing wrong?

Hmmm… I don’t know.

A mother who badmouths Asian men while married in a high-stress, argumentative, matter-of-fact, convenience relationship with an alt-right anti-feminist fetishist who she can barely communicate with nor wants to touch, while making comments about how Asians are ugly and how her child is “beautiful” or “ugly” based on how many Asian features they have?

How about Tiger Mothering? Abusive mind-games where she weaponizes her child to fulfill her desire for a high-status life around white people, regardless of the quality of the man she married? How about her psychotic, domineering “life plan” where she tries to force her child into being “white passing” enough that they can camoflauge themselves and intergrate into “superior western civilization,” marry a white person, and successfully “become white”?

How about a far-right, old, weird, socially inept, battered, openly or casually racist, incredibly insecure white father who she verbally dominates out of her inability to touch or love anything but the social benefit that a white male offers her?  How about the child being raised to feel ashamed of their Asian heritage, since their father was practically a Nazi who wanted an “anti-feminist” Asian woman and tried to capitalize on our mothers’ blatant white worship, and their mother was resentful that she wasn’t born with “western features?”

Or how about this one?

Their parents loved each other, didn’t raise their kids to think being anything but Dolph Lundgren was a crime, that being and looking like an Asian male was fundamentally unwanted, and weren’t over the top racist, opportunistic, status-hungry white supremacists.