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I knew about Dr. No as a child as well and even then, thought it unsurprisingly astute of Fleming to portray him in this way. After all, my situation has always been hilariously laughable (especially when half-Asian “activists” were out there shouting ‘best of both worlds’ and pushing 1/12th Asian Keanu Reeves as half, so that they could get laid), so when someone wrote a character 40 years before I was born in a way that represents reality, I thought it was funny.

Dr. No was written as having been rejected by western culture (obviously for being Asian, badumdum), and rejected from Eastern culture (for obvious reasons).

Obviously this was all compounded by the colonialist nature of his parents’ relationship, which, as seen in many Eurasian men, is a source of an incredible amount of angst and overcompensation*, usually, in seeking to live up to their father’s “masculinity,” their mother’s “white worship,” and their seething hatred for Asians (who they feel better than, but also lumped in with).

*I’ve even seen this among AMWF Hapas, who are gun toting ‘Merican patriots trying to keep guys who look like them from crossing the southern border (the only differentiation in appearance being the ‘Merican flags on these Hapas’ clothes).

Again, when you take into consideration the plethora of opportunistic, nay, even racist white men, who pathologically hate Asians, (think Serpentza, or that leering peeping-Tom lookalike ChinaUncensored) who prey on Asian women to fulfill their latent, unfulfilled sexual urges, and that good ole’ need to feel powerful, wind up creating Asian looking sons who are brutally rejected by the west and the east, and fail to live up to the “white masculinity” pushed by their parents – you get Dr. No tropes.

Except he was fictional.

I can’t really even imagine the horror of millions of these guys in real life. Which there are. I mean, I can, but at the same time, I only managed to reintegrate myself into China through careful cultural dissection of what happened with my mother.

The average Hapa male?

I wouldn’t hope for that much. I mean this guy was written in the late 50’s. It’s been 60 years. The best we’ve managed to come up with was a biracial president with a white mom, and Henry Goulding, star of a forgettable movie about Asians where he played an Asian male dating an Asian woman, played by an actress who only dates white males. Oh, and don’t forget about Lily on Modern Family.

The material practically writes itself.