You might have noticed that for the past 40 or so years or so, ugly, weird, undesirable, non-Asian men (these guys are generally colloquially referred to as ‘losers’) seem to fetishize Asian women. Even half Asian men (myself included) tend to avoid Asian women because of the negative reputation and pragmatic, racist behavior – which we see up close and personal at home; i.e., it’s not fulfilling if they are merely the choice of the rejects of society. (However, not every half-Asian man has this liberty).
This is present in virtually every form of media, from Fargo, to Scott Pilgrim, to real life stories of men who have trouble dating, creating an algorithm, and magically winding up with an Asian girl; or men who try to kill themselves, fail, and wind up saving themselves with… you guessed it. Virtually every fringe space, most alarmingly that populated by aggressively anti-social Nazis and fascist types – have Asian women as their go to, and this has been happening for well over 50 years.
Ugly non-Asian men generally claim that non-Asian women are “trash” and “too feminist,” and that Asian women are “better.”
“Better,” in this case, means more beautiful, more submissive, more traditional; all arbitrary claims made up by a specific class of ugly non-Asian men. There is a wide variety of everything in every race. So why yellow fever?
Technically, feminism is women having the right to choose.
So non-Asian women choosing not to touch you because you’re physically unattractive and / or extremely weird. (Re: Cenk Uyghur and his anti-feminist racist rant from college which he magically “got over” after marrying an Asian woman.)
Ever notice how the extremely weird social outcasts of society seem to default to living in Asian countries, fetishizing Asian women, developing an interest in Asian culture, and even wind up having kids with them?
I guess you can all claim Asian girls are more beautiful or whatever, because they’re the only ones you feel you have a shot with because you feel that, despite being ugly – you’re still better than an Asian guy.
That’s how it goes, right?
But that’s not feminism. That’s just lazy thinking.
You’re still just ugly.
“Yellow fever” is just ugly, socially outcasted racist white men (Zuckerberg, Cenk Uyghur,  Richard Spencer, Adrian Zenz, any variety of ugly, short, bald men) hyping up the only women they feel they have a chance with, while maintaining right-wing political beliefs for leverage to maintain their “pro-ugly-white-male” dynamic and preserve their white male ego; and also to preserve face and deal with their cognitive dissonance of being an ugly, right wing male in a dead bedroom with an Asian child. More often than not, the sexual frustration and resentment at being constantly belittled and treated poorly by society at large for a blatantly obvious “strange” marriage – leads to outward aggressions towards, in particular, Asian men.
“Feminism”, in the case of ugly white men, just means white women rejecting ugly men; and preference for Asian women is just preference for the only women that these ugly men feel they have a shot with. They develop anti-feminist conspiracy theories, racist tendencies, and all kinds of belief sets in their attempt to feel as if the white man is still valuable and in charge with an Asian wife – despite being ugly.
I suppose these incels aren’t completely wrong in going for Asian women, because some Asian women, in turn, are happy to have an ugly white (and only white) male that they don’t have to touch, and still get all the benefits of a “practical” life with a “superior” “high status” European culture, since self-hating Asian women, in particular, are brutish survivalists with a “join the winning side” practical mentality towards life, and have no problem being in an asexual relationship with a creepy, weird, easy controllable white male.
Bad for the kids. Very, very bad.
Because if these men had their way, which they badly, badly want to – everyone BUT white men AND whatever woman they manage to take under their wing, would be brutally excluded from their vision of the world – and given that half-Asian children don’t fit the ideal of what a racist white man + his “traditional” Asian bride should produce – imagine the damage these kids will do to society.
I get it. It’s an ugly subject. But now you’ve got millions of these kids being raised by last-ditch, white supremacist incels and self-hating Asian women.