The link to the article from AmRen itself.

They just can’t stop. Even with an Asian wife and two fully grown half-Asian children, white nationalists just cannot let it go.

Type his name into Google, look at his body of “work” and find his decades long tirade against minorities, his Asian jokes, his encouragement of his daughter to date a white man – and tell me how exactly society ignores this.

I’m tired of posting this stuff, but it’s so common that it’s not even as hilarious as it used to be. There are probably hundreds of Nazis in your town with Asian wives and kids, as we speak.

White Nationalists cannot get laid with white women. Period. Whether it’s the personality type and ugly looks that forces them into white nationalism as compensation, or the white nationalism that forces them into being unlovable – I don’t know; but nobody else will take them other than Asian women.

They go for the “next best thing,” white skinned, traditional, family oriented Asian women that don’t sleep with black men, and appreciate the strong, conservative white man’s agenda (when no one else will). Traditional, family oriented, light-skinned, from a stable culture, yadda yadda yadda. They’re easy to predict, they are hard edged, they don’t have sex outside marriage… they don’t have sex at all. A perfect match for a conservative Huwhite man.

Ironically it seems that Johnny has finally had a turn around, and realized that an “Asian / white alliance” is a better bet, since, you know, his kids and his wife are Asian, but he still wants to, you know, avoid those big scary blacks and dark skinned people, or whatever. Idiots like Derbyshire can’t live with the cognitive dissonance of not being able to actually get a white woman, and yet being married to an Asian woman.

Like most White racists with Asian wives and kids, he wants the power, and none of the responsibility. His cognitive dissonance of his irrepressible male sex drive and ego with his inability to reconcile an Asian wife and half-Asian kids leads to strange and wayward behavior.

Well-known novelist and cultural commentator John Derbyshire explained his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites. He said these groups have in common a high mean IQ and low fertility rates, which could lead to a common strategy against the “demographic” and “dysgenic” threat posed by mass immigration. Mr. Derbyshire raised and then refuted several objections to his plan. These ranged from questions of terminology and feasibility to larger issues about whether Asians will follow whites down the path of self-hatred. He wondered whether ethnomasochism is unique to whites or is “the inevitable result of post-industrial society.” He argued that the purpose of groups like American Renaissance is to resist dispossession and to build a defensive strategy of “Arctic peoples” that can ensure the survival of civilization.

I’m dead serious…. you people keep ignoring this because you don’t think it’s a big deal, but… isn’t it?

Google me, I’m famous, I’m really hapa, and if you keep ignoring this, it’s almost quite literally your funeral.

I have zero reason at all to try to justify why this is NOT a problem for the mental health of biracial Asians at large.