Google his works if you don’t believe me and some of the stuff he wrote. The guy writes like a 15 year old 4chan shitposter (ironically he’s idealized by the incel community) and is lauded in France, because, well, it’s France, where moronic stuff gets passed off as groundbreaking all the time.

If you think this couple is an example of hybrid vigor you’re literally insane. Full stop.

Let’s be honest – would a guy like this have ANY CHANCE at all with a woman who was not Asian? To her, I’m sure he’s “oh wow high status, famous European writer, very culture” – and “I have no sex drive anyways.” But to the kids?

Look, I’m past the point of proving that these couples don’t produce healthy children, especially not with the added point that society at large A) makes fun of Asian men, and B) society turns a blind eye to these “couples” ALL THE TIME.

Why? Because it’s bizarrely more politically correct to avoid scrutinizing geriatric Nazis with their Asian brides, than it is scrutinizing criticism of it. And I thought I was confused.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m just going to show you a couple pictures of Asian men / white women couples, and I’m going to ask you to tell yourself why, for example, it’s all the WMAF kids that are screwed in the head going around behaving in all the ways I described (racist, overcompensating, arrogant) – and why the AMWF kids, however rare they are, are going around being amazing.


Oh – oh – oh b-b-b-but EurasianTiger, you’re cherry picking!

Yeah, maybe, but that’s also because it’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to find a corpselike skeletal 70 year old Asian Nazi incel on his death bed covered in liver spots and who can barely stand up, with a white woman half his age.

Oh I’m sorry, is that racist? I’m not racist, I’m half Asian.