A tale as old as time itself.  From the NYTimes.

White daddy finds himself, along with millions of other “race blind” couples that “just happen” to be made up by an Asian woman and a white man, confused as to why his son, who looks like an Asian male, is facing racism, for being an Asian male, and not being white, like they had hoped.

I grew up with a white dad and Asian mom in a dead bedroom “practical” relationship where neither one of my parents thought it was a good idea to have me do anything other than identify as the Hu-white man they both wished they were. But hey, if we’re lucky, this poor white daddy isn’t forcefeeding his kids white supremacist movies from the 50’s – like mine did. I also notice that Mrs. Lee here did the new-age Asian wife-to-a-white-man thing, and hyphenated her name – so that she doesn’t look like the millions of other Asian women who came before her in marrying white men for the power and assimilation.

After all, WMAF exists in mass droves specifically because of the appeal of white privilege – a highly desirable trait sought out by asexual, pragmatist Asian women looking to integrate and feel just as pretty as those white girls – and white men’s desire to escape the difficulty of dating those scary white girls who don’t want him because he’s not handsome enough.

Now we’ve got millions of Asian looking boys being raised by parents that:

A) deny racism

B) are racist

C) work around the clock, as they have been, for sixty years, in marginalizing Asian men.

D) are essentially a fetish based, race based, extremely nuanced relationship based on all nature of cultural ills stemming from both white and Asian culture, all of which work in tandem to emasculate and denigrate Asian features on men.

Also! Fun note here; the NYTimes, as usual, rather than having to deal with those nasty Asian men (the only competition with undesirable white salary men for their last ditch Asian brides), they made the poor, poor, poor, POOR white father the victim here – rather than the Asian sons. I mean gee golly, WMAF sure are victims, aren’t they?

Imagine being able to live outside of the internment camps during WW2, while white women were forced to live in the internment camps with their Asian husbands. The horror!