One of the little known secrets (not really a secret anymore since I’m apparently the only hapa on earth who has devoted time to this*) is that racist white men and “submissive” Asian women is the default – with white men fetishizing Asian women (aka “replacement white women”) as the answer to “feminist” white women (i.e., women who reject men based on their subpar looks) , and Asian women marrying white men for the citizenship, social status and “white” babies with a “better life”. There are millions upon millions of these children running around, raised by the last two people on earth who want to help Asian looking boys feel welcome. Is it any wonder every half-Asian man you meet has nothing but disdain for his Asian heritage and yearns to be white?

What you get are Elliot Rodger, and / or Leafyishere (if you’re lucky).

It’s pretty remarkable how the behavior of half Asians with white fathers all drift in the same direction.

Unattractive (physically, yes, people look like their parents, despite what arrogant adult-virgin hapa males want you to believe), mentally unstable, self-hating (yet bizarrely arrogant) half-Asians who wish to identify as white and view and hate their Asian sides as abnormal and divergent from the ideal (white), just as both parents did. I’ll be perfectly honest – even to this day, I still am not sure I would want to be anything but white; because this is how I was raised. At least Leafy isn’t one of those 30 year old permavirgin (that I know of) hapa men, who claim up and down that they have “hybrid vigor” as a last ditch at some kind of self esteem.

Here’s an old /r/hapas thread on the subject.

Archived thread.

Another thread about it on /r/idubbbzTV, where is compared to yet another half-Asian mentally unstable Hapa Youtuber, FilthyFrank.

Better yet, just google “Leafy Asian”, and marvel at the results.

So, essentially, we have millions upon millions of half-Asian, Asian looking boys born to far-right, white nationalist dads, and self-hating Asian moms, and we expect there to be no problems. Be honest – really?

Here’s him making a “joke” about his racist white father and non-white mother, the default among half-Asians.


Apparently, it was worthwhile silencing and ostracizing a  hapa who thought it worthwhile to point this out. That’s a great idea. No wonder hapa myths became so necessary. Imagine what it would be like without them. Millions of Asian looking men caught in the grey area between white male privilege and self-hating Asian women working en masse to secure their position at the top at the expense of everyone who doesn’t look like a white male.

*It just occurred to me that I’m the only hapa doing this, because, I guess, maybe, to myself it’s more important to understand reality rather than deceive myself and others for the sake of social / financial survival. Also, I might be the only hapa with Nazi WMAF parents who thinks it’s wrong to be racist; my Hapa “brothers” and “sisters” think it’s “funny” to be racist while being half-Asian.