For anyone or everyone who thinks that Asian men are the big bad guys for complaining (in actuality – it’s Hapas who are complaining the most about WMAF), or that Asian men are misogynists or “more racist” than whites, or for anyone who thinks that “love is just love” – read the following paper.

Here’s a link.

During World War 2, Japanese women explicitly married white men for “ease of life.” That is why most hapa’s mothers – when confronted with their open racism, which only we know about (the rest of the world doesn’t), tell us “I just wanted to give you a better life.”

All of the Asian women in my family married to white men – when I asked them about this – openly admitted that they did not love their husbands. That is why you have so many Asian women married to white husbands (the runoffs and dregs of white society) who are obsessed with AMWF, Asian men, but transfer this into badmouthing them and never shutting up about them.

Even to this day, white women married to Asian (or Asian looking Eurasian) men receive hate comments and are viewed as being abnormal. Nobody cares though.

One problem, however – is that many if not most Eurasians / Half Asians look and pass as full Asians.

Society has not yet adapted to accomodating Asian men. Just look at Netflix – where half Asian women play full Asian women, and half Asian men (the new Asian men) are invisible.

So what does society plan to do about this – other than allowing Asian women to continue to lie that Asian men are oppressors and racist, when white women who have dared to show interest in an Asian or Eurasian man, have lost everything?

I have a serious question – what made you A) so evil, and B) so delusional as to want to deny this for the sake of your own “happiness?”