(Edit: site might be down right now; luckily a few people archived it before it was hacked – link to Edit 2: There was rumors that I was somehow responsible for this, due to being the “boogieman” of the alt-right; i.e., the half-Asian who doesn’t want to play ball with white supremacist males horny for Asian girls – since white women are their enemy).

A new thread in which the Nazis celebrate race mixing with women of color while specifically targeting black men / white women, out of fear that their same tactics of dominance have backfired, and their sexual desperation causes them to panic for fear of irrelevance.

I get it’s an uncomfortable subject, but it must be addressed. Racism is rooted in sexuality. I.e., white women should be chaste and only marry an date white men, but Asian women are more chaste and only marry white men (generally specifically not to sleep with them, which makes these men even more angry).

White Nationalists and racists and dozens of other right wing Caucasian men I have known, view Caucasian women sleeping with black men as a sickening ill, while simultaneously seeking out Asian (and other non-white) women as a back-up plan on their masculinity.

Asian women (not the men, nor the half Asian men), are seen as “almost white,” sexy, traditional, chaste, and unlikely to sleep with black men or challenge the white man’s sense of dominance and purpose. They are seen as fair game as long as the white man is “conquering” the Asian man and taking his “traditional” women – generally because Asian women are not known to be as “slutty”, i.e., won’t sleep with dark, scary black men, or be as wayward or uncontrollable as white women. Asian women, as a result, are quite literally first choice for Nazis / incels (usually the same thing, men who view sexual freedom to choose men who are not ugly as feminism): traditional, white skinned, family oriented, and make the white man feel “big” when he is rejected by white women who are given freedom of choice to select men she is physically attracted to.

Virtually any website you go to where far-right activism (or even conservative activism) is in place, you find two things:

  1. Hatred of white women who date out, and denigration of black men / and / or white women
  2. Fetishization of Asian women as the alternative, and denigration of Asian men

Yes, there are couples who are not like this, but it’s becoming more and more apparent (especially in my parents’ case) that people never really know who they marry  (especially when you prioritize race in your partner) – and we are seeing an incredible overlap between hardcore white male racism, and Asian womens’ desperation for social utility on transferring to western countries. In other words – it’s nearly impossible for a woman embedded in an Asian country to really understand why a Neo-Nazi would fetishize her, and she may find it flattering if not excusable so long as she has a “better life.”

In short – we have Nazis marrying Asian women by the hundreds of thousands, and these same white men have a seething hatred for white women who date out – including with Asian and Eurasian males.

This is explicitly a white male / Asian woman dynamic, and does not occur in any other mixed race pairing (well, it might; just look at Mike Cernovich or men with Native American partners – as far as I understand, rape of Native women is exclusively done by white men, probably due to them being denied sex while expecting it); if anything, mixed-race children with white mothers fair much better due to a more balanced power dynamic as well as the father being able to sympathize both with the plight of POC children – as well as women – ergo, a white mother and black father will nurture their child’s blackness.

Nazis, like Richard Spencer, John Derbyshire, Kyle Chapman, Andrew Anglin, Chuck C. Johnson, Christopher Cantwell, and much of the modern day far right – ugly men who turn to Asian women out of sexual and ego desperation for a woman – by default fail to raise healthy children due to abnormalizing their child’s ethnicity under the premise that the white man is supreme, yet also needs “physical comfort” to maintain his relevance; especially when fear of black men is rooted in the fear that white women seek out black men for the sex.

However, Asian women, being pragmatists, try to shove this under the carpet because nobody likes to be questioned on their personal choices, since the world is primarily filled with survivalists who learn to adapt to the nastiness of their surroundings and game the system to their personal benefit.

What’s going to happen to their half Asian children? Keep in mind that it’s not just a problem that half-Asian sons look like Asian men – the race of men that everyone, including our mothers and fathers – thinks it’s okay to shit on, constantly make fun of, and mock as being so worthless as to not even deserve to exist. But adding the fact that half of us have racist white dads?

Really? That’s gonna lead to a positive future?

But hey, keep shooting at me, a doxxed Hapa who knows dozens of maladjusted hapas. What’s the saying? In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act?

White (man) + Japanese (woman) is okay so long as it’s not white hating. White woman + black man is bad. Incel politics over racial lines in a nutshell.
Asian women have replaced 1950’s white women. That’s gonna be great for millions of hapa kids.