Obviously Elliot was half-Asian himself. It’s extremely common to see anti-social, physically unattractive non-Asian men (i.e. incels) mock Asian men as being beneath them, while simultaneously chasing or lusting after Asian girls as their way to “feel big.” Elliot Rodger was naturally what happened when an ugly white man and an Asian woman had a child. Like most half-Asians (or most insecure men in general), he believed in the racial-sexual hierarchy imposed on him by society and his own parents; e.g., that Asian men are inferior, white men at the top, white women the ideal, and half-Asian men all “beautiful,” entitled and deserving of women. His own parents, like most Asian mothers, make no attempt to explain away the massive marriage disparity, fetishization of white male power, and the correlated fetishization of Asian women. Elliot was raised to be a “replacement” white man, by a white MGTOW and an Asian woman dreaming of integration into the superior west. Many if not most half-Asians with white fathers and Asian moms are raised to hate their Asianness, and see that ugly, unattractive white men are better than Asian men in every way, that Asian women are “almost white,” and are a good “replacement” for pesky, feminist, demanding white women. Whiteness – assimilation – and power, as well as “revenge” against being subjected to the low-status of being an Asian woman, are the guiding principles behind Asian marriages. Ironically – most if not all half-Asians are subjected to the strongest anti-Asian racism by their own Asian mothers, and overcompensate to act “extra” white,  a dangerous path to go down for mixed people, especially who bear the stigma of Asian blood. Being an Asian or half-Asian man renders you a target for endless mockery, while our female counterparts are sexualized. Not once, in the entire history of very frequent and very well known alt-right white men + Asian women having children – was this ever discussed, with half-Asians being raised as “hot” men and women who would be able to coast by on white privilege, despite the majority of half-Asians being average people subjected to the horrible, constant racism against their Asian halves, and very, very few of us able to, or willing to, pass as white. Their Asian moms, hellbent on marrying simply for social standing and to have “whiter” kids and to overcome their own resentment at their own Asian faces, ignore rampant racism (and more often than not contribute to it) against Asians in society, and their fathers, oftentimes unattractive, low-status, undesirable racists themselves who fetishized Asian women as anti-feminist alternatives to those nasty white women who rejected them for being ugly – send many if not most half-Asians down a nihilistic, dangerous path towards white supremacy and self hatred, through which they want to achieve their parents’ ideal maximization of whiteness. Most non-Asian men who “like” or “prefer” Asian women are racist against Asian men, due to being so low in looks, social standing, or any other quality, such that they feel Asian women are their only possible way to fulfill their sexual / ego needs. Virtually every incel website is inundated with racism against Asian men as their last ditch in feeling less pathetic in their position; needing a psychological safety net to make sure that these ugly men have someone beneath them. They give literal zero consideration to the burden of being mixed with Asian in a hyper racist society, particularly one in which Asian women are hell bent on escaping their own insecurity by marrying bottom of the barrel white men, who in turn hate Asian men, the only thing they feel beneath them. Many white men involved with Asian women, bothered by the unfulfilling nature of their relationship with a nagging, insulting, belittling, cruel, loveless woman who wanted a white man for control, social acceptance, and assimilation – lash out in the only way they can – against Asian men. As it stands, society in general really, really genuinely hates Asian men in any kind of romantic light, despite being perfectly fine with Asian women; and so this will have, and has had a tremendous psychological effect on the children. Ironically, this means many half-Asians inherit their fathers’ racism and desperation and entitlement, plus their mothers’ self hatred, plus their father’s latent dislike of Asian men. All while being “cursed” with being partially Asian and LOOKING ASIAN – a universal negative on a man – and two parents who both wish that the woman and child were white.
Millions upon millions of Asian passing (or non-white-passing) half-Asians born to privileged, sometimes even openly racist white men, and extremely toxic, often mentally-ill Asian women who spent a lifetime working to make Asian men seem inferior in their attempt to integrate and overcome their own insecurity, with the help of racist white fathers who hated white women and Asian men, and wanted an Asian woman as a way to reestablish masculine power. What could go wrong?
Even if AMWF and WMAF were equal (which they’re not), WMAF would still be scarily problematic, when you consider just how racist most white men with half Asian kids really are, and just how far our mothers have gone, for 60 years, in making sure only Asian women are able to assimilate into white power structures.