A summary of the utter pain and horror of being a Half-Asian man in America, and a preview of the “Hapacalypse” – a large number of very half-Asian men who look Asian, but are subjected to extreme and unapologetic casual and real racism against them by their own white-worshipping mothers and conservative, priveleged, unattractive, “incel,” anti-progressive fathers, while having to deal with being the product of a widespread, unapologetic, white supremacist fetish.

Thanks to the western world’s hypocritical racism against Asian men, carried out by none other than our own mothers and fathers – you can all look forward to the “Hapacalypse” coming to a town near you – extremely maladjusted, extremely racist, and extremely self-hating half-Asians who will not take lightly to being denied white privilege, after being raised as white supremacists by their own self-hating, extremely insecure, pragmatist Tiger Mothers, while being mocked and degraded for looking Asian, both at home, and outside of it.

This should be the holy grail of anything and everything half-Asian related. Everything from Amy Chua, to Elliot Rodger, to Daniel Holtzclaw, to Celeste Ng, to the thousands of half-Asians who committed suicide, to the overwhelming lack and invisibility of successful half-Asians with white fathers (despite our millions in numbers), to the future of potentially violent, Nazi Half-Asians, can be explained below. An absolute must read for non-Asian POC, non-Asian women, and anyone interested in frightening sociology.

  • Non-Asians, as well as self-hating Asians identify us as Asian, which is bad. People feel they have the right to say whatever they want about Asians and Asian men, no matter how racist. NOBODY respects Asians unless it is an “anti-feminist Asian woman” that you can have sex with (ever notice that pretty much ever representation of Asians, and half-Asians, in popular media is of the women?). They’d never say this kind of thing about black people, of course. Racism against Asians (and half-Asian men) is prevalent and accepted, even by sociopathic, uncaring, unempathetic Asian women married to racist, insecure white and non-Asian men (who don’t seem to care, due to being privileged). Even the most anti-Asian Asian woman is generally unable to tell fully grown half-Asian men from the full Asian men. The reason why half Asians were pushed as “hot” was just to cover up for the disparity and to prevent half-Asians from recognizing their low social status in the eyes of whites.
  • Despite high numbers, half Asians remain invisible and unsuccessful in western countries, though many Hapas are well into their 40’s now, yet, compared to other mixed-races are the most arrogant about how successful they are and have a tendency towards entitlement – due to our insecurities. The few Hapas that are famous both in America and internationally all have Asian fathers (not surprisingly).
  • Asian people provide a convenient psycho-sexual outlet for the angst of white people who want to feel “superior” and “desired” and “victimized” when faced with the threat of multiculturalism. Saying that “my wife is Asian, so I can’t be racist,” and “Asian people immigrate the correct way,” is extremely commonplace, if not the default.
  • Some Asian women, even our own mothers – are extremely, extremely, extremely racist, superficial and cruel (though they never show this outside of the home), taking on white last names, promoting white supremacy (Michelle Malkin , Amy Chua), celebrating that their children look “white” or non-Asian (Michelle Worth Kinghorn comes to mind), and in my case, actually marrying a literal white supremacist who himself believed Asian women to ironically be more loyal to white men than white women were. Faced with the financial and social pressure to survive and justify this – they ignore real world issues of racism, and instead even look to contribute to it.
  • There is INTENSE, hypocritical racism against Asian / half-Asian men, in particular, even from the unattractive, rejected white men who date Asian women as a last resort to feel strong or powerful and to “fight back” against multiculturalism, feminism and “mudsharks”. These same unattractive men HATE Asian-looking men who simply want to have a normal (dating) life, because Asian-looking men are supposed to be at the bottom of society (lower than white losers), and these racist men’s first choice was a white woman. Usually, being unfulfilled due to poor sex lives, a disastrous, hateful, argumentative marriage to a miserable, calculating woman, all based on racism, and constant nagging, this makes these white men even more hateful against Asian looking men. Asian women, on the other hand, attempt to disrupt Asian and half-Asian men’s dating life, in order to artificially promote their own status over their arch-enemy, high-status white women, and to justify massive outmarriage rates.
  • Usually it’s our mothers that are Asian, simply because asexual, cutthroat Asian women were, for the better portion of a century, desperate to feel “integrated” and “powerful” and “beautiful,” escape their “undefined” facial features and bodies (their words, not mine), and have “powerful” white children with “powerful” white men, because Asian culture is viciously pragmatic, and encourages assimilation and latching onto the powered class (unattractive white males), and being Asian is way too much trouble – since nobody respects Asians, and outmarriage rates actually worsens the disrespect.
  • Many of us have strange, creepy, entitled, undesirable, insecure, conservative, “bootstraps”, socially-rejected, weird, anti-social, even mentally ill, racist white fathers who openly deny that we look Asian, fetishize our mothers as submissive, petite alternatives to white women, openly deny that non-whites have issues, and worse, in many cases, are unashamed, open or casual racists and conservatives who married “non-feminist,” white skinned, “submissive,” “traditional,” “family oriented” Asian women to escape white women who they felt were “fat, slutty mudsharks and feminists.” Lots of these men deep down hate Asian men, due to being extremely undesirable to white / non-Asian women, so develop entire belief systems around demonizing Asian men as the only thing beneath them.
  • There is a high prevalence of extremely “weird,” anti-social white men who have a “preference” for Asian women; these men can range from being into bizarre conspiracy theories, extremely homophobic (guys like Adrian Zenz, who probably has an Asian wife and probably is a closeted homosexual – hence his anti-gay rhetoric and yellow fever); to anti-semitic Holocaust deniers. These men go after Asian women as their last ditch to have their masculinity feel relevant and their strange beliefs unchallenged.
  • Virtually every man who has a “preference” for Asian women has something called “racist tourette’s”, where he cannot help himself but go off on black people, white women, immigration, and Asian men – despite raising Asian looking children who are made to feel insecure about not being white, and belonging to such a hated class of men – Asian men. They swear their kids are “master race” which leads to immense entitlement in their children.
  • Worse is that white men have a leering, entitled, fetishistic attitude of “ownership” towards Asian women (to compensate for white women being “feminist mudsharks”), and as a result – half-Asians, and think that they can dictate what we believe and how we think. They try to dictate who we date (Hapa men are supposed to date Asian women, and Hapa women to date white men), and how we align politically (we need to follow their “conservative” game plan and act like white people according to our Tiger Moms). White men attempt to raise their half Asian children as white, with the help of their “replacement white women.”
  • Our mothers, being cutthroat, loveless, often mentally-ill Asian pragmatists (e.g., Iris Chang) and unabashed white supremacists, deny our issues, claiming all half-Asians are “hot,” despite most of us having below average, fetishistic parents; no other mixed-race group has such an inbuilt arrogance and unrealistic expectations – only part-Asians, since Asians are the only ones with such inbuilt hatred of their own facial feature, due to lack of definition, and severely hope mixing with white produces “hot” children, in order to justify unprecedented and unmatched self-hatred. Being “hot” is subjective and does not protect from racism, since a “hot” half-Asian man is simply a “hot” non-white, or Asian man. Many of our mothers brag about how white we look, which even if rarely true, is screwed up. Our mothers push us to identify as white, shame us for our Asian features, and praise us for our light features, gaslighting intense racism because this is the “Asian way”. Our Asian mothers and white fathers routinely ignore racism against us, because racism, in this case, benefits their egos.
  • Our parents often mocked Asian men as a way to feel more desirable and powerful. Ironically, our parents are the same people hell-bent on attacking our right to exist – (as Asian-looking men). They contribute to an extremely anti-Asian male atmosphere in order to properly justify insane and unbalanced outmarriage based on superficial reasons, and to compensate with their insecurity about feeling “less beautiful and accepted” than other women, and less masculine than black, Latino, or even other white men. The more Asian men are the enemy, the more conservative white men can “save” Asian women from “tiny dicked, misogynistic Asian men (and Asian women can “save” white men from those nasty coalburning white women / feminists, and successfully integrate into the existing power structure). Asian women actively work to attack Asian men / non-Asian women, out of insecurity and jealousy (likely due to only being able to get racist, non-functioning white boyfriends, and their mutual anger at being in a hyper-racist relationship, but technically not being white).
  • Both sides have a creepy fetishization of Eurasians (mostly the women – with Eurasian men being quite literally written out of existence; see “To All the Boys I Loved Before”, or used as Asian boys in movies such as the hapa kid on “Fresh Off the Boat”), with white men fetishizing them as the natural result of WMAF (their favored way of expressing dominance), and Asians, out of self-hatred. Whites (i.e., the whites who don’t take advantage of Asian self hatred) and everyone else just view us as Asian, and equally effeminate and easy to mock. White men even try to compare us to their arch enemy – half-black people – who represent the antithesis to white male supremacy, since most of them have black fathers.
  • Broken homes, composed of bitter, angry, nagging, cruel, mentally ill Asian mother and spiteful, racist, distant, entitled, conservative, conspiracy theorist white father in a dead bedroom, since the marriage never had a good basis to begin with other than fetishization, and the woman does not marry for love – only for race and social standing and “white babies”. Sometimes the white father acts out even more aggressively, like Kyle Chapman, to compensate for being nagged and sexless.
  • Gaslighting from society, as well as at home; racism from society, as well as from home. Having to deal with such a psycho-sexual masculine-white / feminine-Asian fetishistic relationship at home is incredibly confusing and damaging to half-Asians.
  • Asians are both incredibly naive, and incredibly self-hating, and seem to lack critical reasoning skills which would help them understand that white people do not like them, or Eurasians.
  • Most of us look Asian, which, according to Western society, is bad and to be mocked, unless it’s a pair of boobs and a vagina attached to it. Of course, half-Asian men and women aren’t allowed to criticize the dynamic of fetishistic, repugnant white men and cruel, asexual, cutthroat, nasty, self-hating Asian women – because self-hating Asian women are the bread and butter for incels (which is most men).
  • Many half Asians, as a result, become severely self hating (believing that their Asian blood is inferior or abnormal), severely arrogant despite having little actual accomplishments, very obnoxious and gimmicky, or are openly white supremacist (“I’m not Asian, I’m white”) in order to live up to their parents’ expectations, and their own self-hatred. Many half-Asians flee to Asia where they can pimp out their half-whiteness to Asians and Asian women, despite being utter failures in the west. Other Half Asians remain long-standing, conservative, 30+ year old virgin failures with women who seek an outlet for their insecurity by latching onto white forms of masculinity – such as alt-right causes, MGTOW, MRA, mixed martial arts, prostitution, white supremacy, and bashing blacks. A huge bulk of half Asian men are permavirgins with a hyper-inflated self esteem fueled by their own insecurity at having a white father and an Asian mother.
  • More half Asians grow up sexually confused, disturbed by the unbalanced fetishism between “masculine white dad,” and “feminine Asian mom,” and internalize this to disturbing degrees, having been openly or discretely emasculated since childhood; some become vastly overcompensating (Jon Skywalker), while others spend an entire lifetime single and confused. There has been speculation that many hapas undergo gender transitions to either escape the sexual gaze of the white father (hapa girls becoming men), or hapa men becoming women.
  • The very few “successful” half-Asians in the media have had even less success than full Asian actors and singers, and pride themselves on “gimmicky” roles (Henry Golding comes to mind – in his “successful” role in that Asian movie, and now his role as a gay Asian man; another example is Alex Landi, who is pigeonholed into the role of a gay Asian male on Grey’s Anatomy). Meanwhile half Asian women have a great time integrating.
  • Many half-Asians rush to the defense of their white fathers, and are extremely insecure while being overtly braggadocious about their “Eurasian” “beauty” and race (something no one else does), which itself is terrible because it leads to disappointment when nobody else cares that half-Asians are mixed, and still views them as Asian. For some reason, half-Asians with white dads seem to love dissecting their white heritage (“My dad is Scotch-Irish”), can never stop “bragging” about being “master race”, while no other mixed group does this; this is because their fathers and mothers are quite literally white supremacists who view Asianness as bad and abnormal and had a creepy obsession with a specific mixing between Asian and white, as a way to “fight back” against western “degeneracy.”
  • Many half-Asian men swear up and down that they’re god’s gift to women – despite being late stage virgins, alt-right weirdos, overcompensating, depressed, reliant on paid sex, and other variety of cringey and strange in their behavior. The “happy” hapas are generally the ones who look non-Asian, while the ones who complain are those who look Asian.
I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been MORE backlash that there already has been. Either way – I think you anyone reading this is too late to the party. We’re talking about legitimate, hardcore, white supremacists, raising biracial children, many of whom look Asian. I have no answers at all. All I do is provide information. People who have studied this subject and paid attention to it, both Asian and not, have been left scratching their heads for decades – fearing the worst as Asian women ignore and promote racism against their own children in a desperate attempt to integrate and assimilate. Yet I’m somehow vilified for pointing out what so many Half-Asians call normal life, with 60 years of intense gag orders being placed onto us to prevent us from talking about how racist, nasty white men pretty much rely on Asian women and vice versa. It was the Asian American community’s responsibility to deal with this – but they never did – so, I suppose, let’s just let the puzzle solve itself. I’ve been warning people for a long time. I am warning white people – racist or not – that these children will be a threat to you; I am warning POC that these children, and their parents, will also be a threat to you. Every day that passes is another day that a Eurasian son is marginalized by his own prospective parents; another day that a Eurasian son is mistaken as a full Asian by a racist man who wants an Asian woman, or an Asian woman who needs to make a point about how Asian males are inferior; another day that a Eurasian male is radicalized by information beind laid out for him on the web.