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I know this isn’t half-Asian related, but it’s biracial related cause the media at large doesn’t seem to understand just how frequently biracial self-hatred and racism occurs. Just look at George Zimmerman or Christopher Mercer Harper.

A lot of black people are saying that Doja developed this behavior after psychological damage of her black father bailing out on her; and / or because, in my view, a lot of biracial women struggle to live up to the beauty standards imposed onto them by their father’s taste in white women. (e.g., Lauren Chen and Roaming Millenial). Obviously the inverse seems to happen with biracial Asian men with Asian mothers, etc.

I have heard of white mothers marrying and getting with black men despite being racist, and I suppose that’s true given the frequency of racist white men and Asian women.

Obviously this leaves the kids in a hard spot. When I was around her age, (22), I also flirted with far-right politics simply because my white father had introduced them to me.

It’s also no surprise that the racist chatrooms she’s involved in have zero white women. The alt-right, by no surprise, lacks white women willing to partake in their behavior, which technically does render the alt-right an incel group (hence the bulk of alt-rightists have non-white wives). Women of color oftentimes are desperate to feel as beautiful as white women – and will lie down with alt-right incels in an attempt to feel such a way.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

People tend to really underestimate both how strong childhood / parental influence as well as political / racial identity forces people to engage in relationships contrary to their own self interest. It goes way back.