I actually found this by accident just by going through 4chan.org/pol, which is a hotbed of far-right Neo-Nazis who all hate white women – for rejecting them sexually.  I don’t really know or care who this Tariq guy is, but I’m positive he knows who I am, as do most people interested in this subject, and if anything I’m using this as an example of how the far right celebrates this kind of thing. Everything in this world is connected by a very simplistic and easy to understand sociology – one of desperation, insecurity, ruthlessness and selfishness brought about by difficulty of life itself.

Asian women are a “safe” bet – and are the default choice of far-right white men who are “sick of the way society has been going” and need a way to express or relieve their sexual angst and Freudian insecurity about “slutty, feminist” white girls. Every single white-supremacist (de facto or openly), MRA, MGTOW, alt-right, far-right space on earth, values Asian women as the number one alternative to “slutty, demanding, feminist” non-Asian women – and this has gone on looooonnnng before the internet existed.

They are “traditional,” “family oriented,” “stable,” “predictable,” “chaste,” “white skinned,” practically white*,” they “like” white men (i.e., are the only ones who will take them – I say “take” because it was probably just another dead bedroom situation / extremely vicious Asian wife –  leading to outward aggression), and they especially “hate” black people – and they especially, ESPECIALLY will not sleep with black men – like “slutty” white women. (The alt-right’s focus is primarily on black men, who they view as an anti-civilizational sexual threat that tempts white women and outperforms the white man; though these same guys also hate Asian men. Also, Floyd had a white partner, which Chauvin probably knew about, being embedded in the community as most cops are).

Asians are a “safe alternative” to scary black people; they are “allies” to the battered white man, and “look up to him,” and are too naive to understand why Neo-Nazis have a fetish for Asian women.

There’s really no point in explaining why far-right Neo Nazis and authoritarians love Asian women and always have (they don’t love Asian men or hapa men, though – ironic since their future kids look like Asian men – and are being raised, en masse, to be white, and with their parents’ values of racism, hierarchies, and opportunism). Keep in mind this has been going on for almost 50 years, but nobody talks about it because you think it’s all angry Asian men complaining about this – and that doesn’t vibe with the utopian ideals you’ve created. Maybe now that it’s “cool” to actually talk about how horrible racism is – maybe this will get acknowledged by fair-weather anti-racists.

Now you’ve got millions upon millions of half-Asian boys who are raised to seek out white privilege – to be strong, replacement white men – by far right dads and Asian moms who hated Asian men, and hope for blue eyed, light-haired sons. This is probably the biggest sociological Trojan Horse in the history of mankind.

Even if anti-Asian-male racism was the only problem facing the hapa community; there’s also the fact that something like 70% of us have far right fathers, and the other 30% probably have socially inept weirdo white fathers. I was born in ’86, and my father was essentially a Nazi sympathizer before I was born – so 50-60 years of this isn’t a stretch. I am FULLY AWARE that most if not all foreign born Asian women are not aware of why Nazis have a fetish for them, but being a biracial – I do.

I know dozens of mentally ill, self-hating Hapas. The last surviving link of white supremacy is being maintained by Asians desperate to finally feel “white;” to finally feel “whole”, and escape their facial features. So let me ask you again: what does society plan on doing about this? Of course you’re just gonna ignore it until it happens again and again and again (another far rightists does something far right, and is revealed to have an Asian wife) while I, a Hapa, continue to report on it just as I’ve been doing since I was a 13 year old kid.

Why do Nazis and conservative / far right types default to Asian, and only Asian women? Everything in society is connected; the white man’s paranoia of black men and white women, the far right’s sexual-desperation driven yellow fever, Trump’s mail order bride, Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, George Zimmerman; all of it is interconnected by virtue of egotism, selfishness, sexuality, racism, etc. Asians are the last remaining link for white men to use to express tolerable racism against anyone but white men and the only women who will take them.

So let me just let the Nazis explain why Asian women are the bees’ knees. Just read through this thread. Hell, go on virtually any Neo-Nazi website (/pol being the most predominant) – and see dozens of posts per day proclaiming their love for Asian women.


*Practically white means, in comparison to, say, dark skinned women, and especially blacks, who these men feel have completely different physical features and behaviors to “light skinned” Asian women (even if the Asian women aren’t light skinned; their “mild” behavior is considered “practically white”).


“Asian or Latina women are “close enough”.

Keep in mind, the average Hapa male from a white father and a racist Asian mother looks pretty much indistinguishable from a full Asian male. Now just remember – that the last vestiges of white male supremacy have been channeled into Asian women for the last 50 years; so there are millions of half-Asian men who look just like this, raised by white supremacist white dads and white supremacist Asian moms.

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