Are you black? Are you Latino? Are you trans? Are you straight? Are you Canadian? Are you Brazilian? Are you a rich white woman? Are you disabled? Do you have six fingers on your hand? Are you a true-blue Nazi? Are you a racist white man with a million dollar home and a blonde trophy wife? Are you a poor, malnourished immigrant?

If you’re any of those things, then this kind of couple – WHICH EXISTS BY THE MILLIONS – is going to be your problem, soon.


Well, consider the fact that the most racist, horrible, most vile white men in the world essentially default to Asian women as their last ditch on unapologetic white male supremacy – having become afraid of “feminist sluts” – and seeking out “traditional, “non-slutty,” “anti-feminist” Asian women instead.

A Hail Mary of the worst, most racist white men, looking for a woman for their white supremacist sexual needs (despite not getting any  and being stuck in a dead bedroom with a vicious, asexual, cutthroat, belittling Asian woman – which causes a lot of outbursts).

Even the king of racist WMAF, SerpentZA, who has openly claimed that blacks had ruined his homeland of South Africa, and wanted to “conquer” China, admits tacitly that his wife never loved him – hence making many of these same men – already racist to begin with – even more violently racist once they find an Asian partner.

Remember – white women are “trashy mudsharks,” the “west is collapsing” due to “feminism” (i.e., women not forcing themselves to sleep with unattractive men), Asian men are “ugly little dicked incels” and the only competition that the ugliest white men have, but Asian women are submissive, white skinned, traditional, family oriented women who “appreciate” a strong white man, and won’t challenge him when he needs to feel “big” against positive change, and feminism.

Then, consider the fact that some Asian women, being culturally geared towards saving face, and assimilation into whiteness, and having zero empathy and only basic survival instinctshave every reason in the world to defend themselves for being married to the literal racist bottom-feeders of western society.  Hell, they will go to no ends to defend their choices, even throwing their own children under the wheels as someone like Celeste Ng did (writing books entirely based on her staggeringly dysfunctional WMAF experiences – but making the characters AMWF) – rather than admit being a horrible mother whose life is governed by Asian practical instincts, and having made the mistake of ponying up with racist white men due to intercultural miscommunication. 

Now consider that these couples have existed for fifty years and have children.

Imagine this: you’re a half-Asian guy. Virtually everyone you meet is racist against your Asian heritage due to being pathologically insecure and needing an outlet for their bullying tendencies. Either through jokes, or direct racism. Your father (driven by lifelong anger at being married to an unloving, vicious, last choice of a woman) believes that all Asians should go back to Asia, despite being married to an Asian woman as his final straw, since, you know, white women never wanted him. Your mother, in turn, tells you that this isn’t a big deal – and that you’re white. Yet being Asian is so bad that marriage to a literal throwaway Nazi was a better choice.

Elliot Rodger was the first time that people got a taste of this. There’s many, many more of them. People joke that horrible WMAF couples will be the ones doing all kinds of horrific mass shootings – which they will, but I’ve been saying all along that it’s the kids that you have to watch out for.

There’s A LOT of wiggle room when it comes to hapas – in terms of what could go wrong.

It’s getting to be day by day now. One day soon there will be another mass shooter who targets blacks / white women / whites / Asian men / Latinos, and he will be a white man with an Asian wife, and that’ll maybe be the day that long overdue scrutiny towards WMAF happens. But, I doubt it. It’ll just be dusted under the covers of intersectionality again.

Oh – but EurasianTiger is just an incel! LMAO have you SEEN me? Where do you think I got my balls from? From being so self-confident due to my early interactions with the opposite gender that I have zero concern about my campaign being negatively received!