I’m half Asian with a Nazi-sympathizing father and a mother from Hong Kong. Already been doxxed.  My comment spam is filled with people using my real name in an attempt to harass / intimidate me. I get it. In this world, nobody wants to give up something that benefits them. I wouldn’t either, if I were a Hapa or a white supremacist with an Asian wife, or an Asian woman with a white supremacist husband. There’s no world where I would ever want to admit a reality that endangers my already very fragile sense of ego.

Let me explain what’s going on here.

Racist white men want white women; but they get rejected. They go for Asian women as a way to get their sexual fix. A way to have a relationship with a straight-haired, petite, gentle, “family oriented,” “chaste,” “traditional” woman that will take them and make them feel like they’re big men  able to fight back against feminism and white women. No way along this road does this imply that they’re not racist, or that they stopped wanting white women. Sexual desire and racism are mutually exclusive. In fact, the entire system of colonialism was built around this idea; why else would men travel halfway around the world in rickety boats to enact violence against strangers, unless they were deeply unfulfilled. This is the reason you never see handsome racists, and handsome men with yellow fever.

This is why, for example, yellow fever is the go to for ugly men, racist men (I.e., ugly men), and why you see so many ugly, bald men who have a hatred of Asian countries like China – yet desperate want to “save” Asian women while hating the men. Pursuit of Asian women also comes hand in hand with utter hatred for the only men you feel as below you – Asian men, and involvement with Asian issues is like the Special Olympics for bottom of the barrel white men. Yet you also have celebrities like John Cena, Terry Crews, and Lebron James – all “alpha males” with no interest in Asian women – praising China and learning Mandarin.

A white man wants an all white society to support his fragile sense of worth – but if white women doesn’t want him – what exactly is the conservative white man supposed to do?

Yellow fever is inherently violent, because it attracts men who never properly learn to socialize with white women, and expect Asian women to put out when white women will not. In fact, the more a man only likes Asian women, the higher chance that he’s a hateful, sexually desperate, racist loser with a glaring and passionate anger for progress, white women, ethnic minorities, feminism, etc. Bad for hapa kids.

In fact, most if not all of the harassment I’ve gotten for looking Asian as a half-Asian man has been from Asian women and the men who sought them out as a last ditch effort to get laid. Very insecure people, desperate to feel attractive, and getting together out of pathological needs to feel powerful and attractive via sexuality (or lack of it; since many of these relationships are asexual). In other words – white men wish they had white women, were rejected, and go for the women who wish they were white women.

But when an Asian woman rejects a white man? Uh oh.


Despite the fact that the new “anti-WMAF movement” was started by half-Asians themselves, our own collective mothers were so hell-bent on defending their decisions (most women, especially unattractive ones whose ability to upward mobilize cannot be made dependent on their beauty, adamantly refuse to ever be challenged on their life choices) – that they even started to claim that it was the Asian man’s fault as to why Asian women were marrying Neo-Nazis.

Think about the mental damage this does to hapa kids, and it all makes sense. In fact: the guy in the above video might even be half Asian.

Go ahead though, keep calling me an incel or insane, while there are millions of these kids running around.

In fact, the reason I have the balls to write this stuff is because I’ve been called gorgeous by gorgeous women my entire life, while I think I’m fairly bland. Other Hapas who have never experienced this are the ones claiming they’re hot and trying to doxx me and running around supporting Trump. It’s simple psychology.