I’ll provide a long version, and then a short version.

I don’t go looking for this stuff, but it popped up in my recommendations on Youtube.

HalfAsian.org’s content is self-creating, because this stuff is literally everywhere. I miss about 90% of other stuff because I’m not actively looking for it like I used to, but again, it’s everywhere.

Here’s a great example of a very, very right-wing, pro-America military Hapa boy who just happens to be 95% of the way there to outright saying he hates n****rs – just look at how often he uses the word “thug,” a learned dogwhistle for “black male”. As I mentioned, the sons of white men and Asian women are becoming the “triggermen” for “how America should be.” This is exactly how I was raised – as a bannerman for the white race – by a white man who was angry at white women for “betraying” America.

It’s funny because I actually know of another hapa boy with a Korean mom who went and got himself shot and killed in Afghanistan. When you have quite a number of half-Asian men being raised by far-right, conservative white fathers who are “sick of white women”, and mothers who desperately want “white” children – you tend to get a lot of far-right, overcompensating half-Asian sons.

Long version:

I don’t needlessly hate, but I know plenty of these guys in real life; they’re generally extremely insecure and latch onto ideas of ultra-jingoism and guns as a way to feel “whole” due to their subconscious “emasculation” (especially when you think about the insane amount of internal pain these guys must feel with literal war brides as mothers after America’s invasive and horrific war in Korea). However, if it needs to be said, one of the worst examples I know actually has an Asian father. Grows a big beard* to look masculine, wears clothing plastered with American flags, has multiple guns, and has an obsession with military and police, as well as black men and white women.

The above guy in this post, Mike, most definitely has a far-right white dad, like I did, who was sick of “sluts” and “liberals” and went for a “conservative” Asian woman, who herself dreamed of living the American dream.

*If it needs to be said, women generally hate beards in real life, because it ruins kissing. So ironically guys who grow huge beards pretty much admit there’s no action going on. How do I know this? Been kissing since I was a kid.

Gun obsession, obsession with conservatism, is linked with male insecurity, and a need for a control locus – i.e., a perpetual fear of competition, and in many of these cases, conservative, pro-military / pro-American ideology is linked with hatred of blacks, Latinos, Arabs and black men, who conveniently represent a sexual existential threat. That’s why gun-nuts can’t help but go off on black men in the next sentence. Asian / white / mixed conservatives seem to love being unified behind anti-black hatred.

In fact, the irony of the “acceptance” of Asians into mainstream western society (a debatable fact), was due to comparative racism against black people; so the acceptance of these far-right hapas is pretty much hinged on their equivocal hatred of blacks.

No sane man wants to go abroad to a foreign country in a needless war that can be dissected in 30 seconds, to hoist guns around little Afghan kids, to have orders barked at him, while being surrounded by dozens of other men, and no women. Add to the fact that military cheating has been so well known since the Vietnam war, because, well, I guess women can sense when a guy is so “beta” as to risk his life for oil, so why not cheat, anyways. Joining the military is the second most beta, insecure, and dare-I-say non-masculine “masculine” thing I can think of, besides going to prison. Also no sane man carries heavy weaponry on him while shopping for Prego pasta sauce unless he’s got some major issues.

I have a 90 year old white great-uncle who is a perpetual life-long womanizer and a staunch “Democrat” (he’s pretty much a communist), who adamantly hates war and anything that takes him away from women.

Funniest thing is, actually being an attractive hapa, women I know actually are the ones making fun of guys like this, with big trucks and big guns, cause they know what’s up.

Teeny, tiny, small version: 

In other words, I’m saying it’s a massive (or should I say, very small) insecurity issue, extremely common among the “new white man” – i.e., the mixed-race man with a white father.

Even shorter: it’s been speculated that far white men with small… you knows…. go for Asian women, and obviously, this is inherited by sons. Maybe I lucked out.

Here’s him doing right by his county and swinging a loaded automatic weapon around a bunch of terrified Afghani kids. Psychology is a helluva thing but one thing I know for certain: half-Asian boys sure are insecure.