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I am really Eurasian. I’ve been doxxed, and am rather famous now. My father was essentially exactly the same; a Holocaust denier, anti-multicultural, a black hater, anti-immigration, anti-gay, refused to watch any movie made after 1950, an extreme conspiracy theorist who believed in chem-trails, FEMA camps, and Jewish control of Hollywood. My Chinese mother essentially killed herself in the year 2000 (when I was 13) out of depression that the tall white guy she married was a conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite who refused to work because he believed that Jews were causing the apocalypse, and married a Chinese woman with the belief that she was, ironically, more loyal to racist, weird, autistic, paranoid white men than feminist, “slutty” white women were. Their marriage was essentially broken, and my father’s behavior worsened and made more right-wing, by a dead bedroom, and constantly berating. My brother and I look fully Asian, and have heard horribly racist things from both my white and Chinese family, all against Asian people. My Chinese family refused to acknowledge this out of desperation to save face; they told me repeatedly to not bring attention to this because it looked bad for our family; despite the fact that I am directly responsible for a New York Times article (the Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish – which I won’t link to because I’m lazy). I maintain this website and will continue to for the next 100 years (I’m considering getting a legal appointee to make sure the website stays up indefinitely, to make sure this doesn’t go unpunished).

Men that are into white rights and right wing politics tend to struggle with resentment against white women – who they view as “liberal” and “out of control”. In fact, this is their bread and butter; the question then arises – which came first? The failure with white women – or the right wing politics – or do they compound one another?

They can’t get white women. They fail with white women, or women in general. They tend to be autistic, nerdy, losers. They struggle with a sense of meaning, and purpose. They want their race to be a crutch. They want a sense of power, an in-group unity, and a sense of masculine purpose, so they latch onto far-right, right wing symbols of power – and the only women who they view as “traditional.”

White women are seen as traitorous feminist liberals with high standards. Women who will divorce rape him; women who sleep with black men, and thugs, and bad boys, and not respect the white man’s values.

White men blame this on feminism and multiculturalism. They blame it on Jews, and black men. Their own lack of ability to attract white women is what they blame on conspiracies.

They chase down Asian women, the only women desperate enough to take them for social status, money, and control. The only women who lack the wherewithal to understand racism in America; who want to join the “winning team” for assimilation, power, and the feeling of being more beautiful than white women, black women, or any other group of women. They want to enter into an asexual, practical marriage with a white racist loser for an easier life – the Asian way of doing things. They don’t care if the man is an utter loser, a racist, a closeted gay man (and probably a raging homophobe), or any variety of social pariah within white society – because pragmatic Asian women don’t need a fulfilling, sexual relationship; they need one thing: survival.

They have half Asian kids, who are more often than not extremely mentally ill and overcompensating racist conservatives who hate their own Asian halves thanks to the way their parents raised them. Half Asian children who will hate half of themselves, and take it out on the rest of the world, even more violently than their fathers. These children will be – yes – attacking and killing Asian men, White women, people of color, all in the name of mental illness, their own self-hatred and desire to be white, yet being so far from the ideal, and being lumped in with the asexual Asian male underclass that America hates so much. That women who look like the mothers hate so much. Half-Asians are the only mixed race group whose parents are at war with their own children’s healthy identity.

The dead bedroom, fighting, argumentativeness and lack of true fulfillment with a “last choice” Asian wife leads the white father to become more and more extreme; using racism, right wing politics, and edgy racist jokes as his way of feeling powerful within his broken marriage – a way of justifying his Asian wife to his white friends who mock him for it; a way for him to feel as if his half-Asian kids are “almost white.”

He wants to be white. He wanted a white woman. He feels he needs to explain his Asian wife. His Asian wife helped him, at the beginning, feel powerful about being Caucasian, when he was rejected from white society. She was a chaste, traditional, white skinned, non-slutty, family oriented woman from a noble culture that hates black people. But most of all, she “appreciates” a good, strong, battered white man. The fact that she hates sex with her bottom of the barrel white racist husband means, in his mind, that she’s chaste; predictable.

So, with an Asian wife, he champions white rights.

Just like John Derbyshire, Kyle Chapman, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Chuck C. Johnson, etc. Hell, even Donald Trump, the king of destroying the world in the name of his own fragile white male ego – has hit on Asian women before and married a Russian male order bride after being “divorce raped.”

This is a nightmare on a national scale – and their children are now fully grown. These are going to be the mentally ill children shooting up schools in the name of white supremacy; they will be shooting Asian men, white women, and minorities.

Trust me. My father was like this. You have no idea what you’re dealing with.