Never wrote about this guy, though over the years people have brought him up to me. I’m not sure why I passed on talking about him for so long, especially since I’ve been clowning on cringey 30 year old hapa virgins for all of my 20’s. All I knew about him was that he was an insecure hapa male, the exact kind that has been giving me crap (and doxxing me for ruining their “image”) for all the years I’ve been writing about this.

But remember when I wrote that the 30 year old virgin Hapas with racist parents from yesteryears are now in their adulthood and have a widespread influence on society? This is what happens.

As I heard someone once say: “the white supremacists of the future will all be half-Asian / biracial;” that future is already here, since white men have been marrying women of color and training their half-Asian / half-POC sons to “fight for white /right-wing causes” for 50 years – to maintain western civilization – all without the help of those “slutty feminist white women”. As I’ve seen, their sons are more than happy to fight this fight if it helps them feel white like dad (and white like mommy planned), and fully integrated like their mothers planned. This isn’t strictly a hapa thing, since George Zimmerman was biracial Hispanic with a white daddy too.

A couple of things to note; I can’t say in good faith that I follow or know much about the guy, but a cursory look at his body of work reveals he is generally “right wing” (not overtly white nationalist, for all I know, but people tend to lie), but anti-feminist and prone to the type of talk found among MRA / MGTOW / incel / red-pillers / the general right do.

He’s also famous for being both bald and exceptionally insecure about it, and has made numerous videos complaining about how feminism has ruined dating. Not exclusively a hapa trait, but certainly a trait spread by the anti-white-woman crowd.

The right wing feeds on, or rather prioritizes, the idea that women need to maintain traditional values in order to allow every man – regardless of how bald and physically unattractive he is – to have a woman, and sex. This in turn creates feedback loops, where men without women turn increasingly further right – in an attempt to maintain order, and bring women into the mix by proxy.

What is a hapa trait, however, is exceptional insecurity, one induced through exposure to the white father’s right-wingism (Asian women are bread and butter for the far right anti-woman “bitter” crowd), which generally extrapolates into right-wing politics in order to establish a control locus that blames everything but the man himself. I see this all the time among hapas. I mean – all the time. Their pathological loneliness, plus the inheritence of their father’s beliefs and parenting, and their mother’s Freudian denial of Asianness leads to men who are pipelined into the right, seeking inclusion into whiteness as their way of feeling sexually visible.

This is an interesting topic because I don’t know enough about his upbringing to determine how much of this comes from his white dad / Asian mother parentage, or whether or not he is simply going down the path of being “almost white” – and therefore visualizes himself as the greatest victim of natural selection – cough – I mean, “feminism.”

After all, as we say in the EurasianTiger sphere, white men / self-loathing Asian women generally is “cheating” natural selection, so it’s no surprise that the son of a man who did this has difficulty finding a partner. I.e., many times our fathers cannot find a woman, so resort to self-hating women as their last ditch, passing on some questionable genes along the way.

It’s worth noting that many of the so called voices in the alt-right are indeed hapa, including, of course, Roaming Millenial, whose father is Asian. I wrote a looooooonnng time ago how she was displaying clear issues with regards to her father’s preference for white women, which itself manifests itself in seeking out far-right quasi-identitarian politics. I never thought it was such a radical idea to suggest that parental behavior can dictate a child’s entire life course, but apparently it was, hence I became well known.