August 2020 edit; I stopped after a while, but a visit to 4chan at any hour of any given day has constant, hourly / bi-hourly posts like this and reveals that the worst, most anti-social, furthest right, most horrifically racist white men pretty much all DEFAULT to Asian women – yet hate Asian men. This post is six months old – but this goes back 50 years, so, any attention given to this is far too little, too late. (Again, I was born in ’86 – and my parents hated blacks even back then – it’s not like it somehow got more racist, over time). The kids of couples like these are fully grown now.

Anywhere you find right wing causes – you find, without fail, East and Southeast Asian women. Not as an alternative, but literally the DEFAULT.

Periodically I go on to keep my ear to the ground about Nazi activity, as should you, since Nazi incels (generally the same thing) are probably the greatest homeland security risk, as well as a risk to those around them and their families. In many cases – such as on places such as /r/braincels (which is probably worth its own post, since half the threads there are fetishizing Asian women as an answer for white men having difficulty with ‘foids’ and ‘roasties.’). In a weird case of intersectionality, much of the far right knows who I am, and blames me both for attacking the hypocrisy of the alt-right as well as being a prolific “spammer” of far-right forums.

My father was a holocaust denier, anti-semite, paleonconservative homophobe, anti-black, extreme racist who hated all non-Asian non-white people, because they were “degenerate” and “Africanized.” Yadda yadda yadda – I suspect his conservatism was the result of being harshly rejected from western sexual economies and worsened by his dead bedroom with a very belittling Asian wife; from what I learned recently, my father was left by his first white girlfriend for a member of a South American drug cartel (yes, really) – sending him down a path to full Nazi. You can imagine how that turned out for my mommy and me and my brother’s mental health – since we look Asian as hell and the comments from non-Asians, including and especially from those with yellow fever, were really nasty.

You can see the recurring themes among far-right (or just casually racist) white men when it comes to Asian women: they are “chaste,” not “slutty,” and won’t sleep with black men, like white women will. While white men feel “small” when threatened by white women’s sexuality and black men, so in turn try to have their cake and eat it too, while simultaneously shaming white female “race mixers” and attacking Asian men as “small,” yet Asian women as “traditional.” White nationalists and far right men love instinctually bragging about how Asian women are “easy” for white men – as a way to deflect their own insecurity about white women’s intermarriage. The irony of their hypocrisy is that society takes cues from WMAF and in turn encourages white women to mix more – yet WM in WMAF generally are choosing Asian women as their way to “fight back” against progress. I’ve even seen men in WMAF attack half-Asian men, mistaking them for full Asians. It has happened to me – where I have been subjected to racism for being Asian from non-Asian men and their Asian partners.

Oh – and let me remind you – Asian women can also be turbo-racists and white supremacists, including my own mother. They’re just this way for a different reason, generally in an attempt to integrate and achieve upward mobility to fulfill a cultural drive for success, assimilation and a cultural aversion to love. Gotta get married, gotta integrate, gotta feel beautiful (as beautiful as white women, in their minds) and competitive, gotta obtain social acceptance, gotta have strong, powerful kids, gotta get over their insecurities. In turn, this leads them to be fetishized by equally insecure, unattractive, low status white men who are rejected by white women, and in turn blame this on “Jewish brainwashing” and black men and feminism – while raising half-Asian kids who feel ashamed of their Asianness.

In fact, it is the racism of our Asian mothers that makes them a turn on for white male racists – who are upset that white women aren’t racist enough.

In no way, shape, or form, is it possible for biracial children raised by a white-male supremacist and an Asian woman – to develop a healthy mentality, thus presenting a horrifying Catch-22, one that has pervaded our identities for half a century, without anyone addressing this, due to many hapas being quite literally brainwashed by their racist parents to believe themselves “almost white,” “all good looking,” entitled, and believe that life, love, and happiness are rooted in money and hierarchies, and due to western societies being too ignorant about this subject – and ironically, too politically correct to address it (a tremendous oxymoron since our fathers generally hate political correctness yet knowingly benefitted off of it).

I went onto /pol  two minutes ago, and found, of course, a thread talking about how wonderful Asian women are compared to white women.

Racism is sexual. The definitions and boundaries expand to accomodate the white man’s sexual anger and resentment after being rejected by “foids” or having their masculinity as white men challenged; this has long been the basis of colonialism – where intermarriage was tolerated as long as the male was white. Hence – Asian women, the only women with a “reputation” for “preferring” white men (for various non-sexual reasons) become a sure-fire fallback plan for white male supremacy; a last-ditch collateral against being emasculated by black, Hispanic, or Arab men. Asian women have been the “fallback” plan for white male supremacy and sexuality for a long time; and most half-Asians will tell you (if they’re still alive) that being a white supremacist with an Asian wife is par and parcel of…. having a half-Asian son or daughter.

After white women have “left” unattractive white men in pursuit of sexual freedom with more attractive men, or with men of color, white men in turn see asexual, status hungry Asian women as less sexually threatening and more “traditional”. Essentially Freudian evolutionary psychology crossing racial / cultural lines – since Asians famously do not view sex as recreational – perfect for the far-right white male terrified of female sexuality.

That is – unless the half-Asian himself isn’t a white supremacist, which many half-Asians are.

After Andy Ngo (a Vietnamese anti-Muslim journalist or something, just Google it) got beaten up by anti-fa, it has become abundantly clear to me (wait, what am I saying – I’ve known this for decades) that Asians are an “ally” to white supremacy, as long as the white man is in a dominant, masculine position, of course. A lot, and I mean A LOT of Asian people feel “almost white,” and will do anything to be accepted into the white power structure, whether it’s left wing, right wing, or legit Nazi. This is perfect for white men to channel their sexual “energy” into perceived or realized “sexual dominance” of Asian women.

Oh, I’m sorry – was that racist? I’m not racist, I’m half Asian. See how that works?

On 4chan (and virtually any other online space populated by racists and incels – again, the same thing), posts about how wonderful Asian women are compared to traitorous white women, are hourly, if not multiple-times-an-hour. Just go on at any time of day, and see for yourself. Whenever the issue of white men being challenged pops up, Asian women are mentioned as proof of white male superiority and dominance, a failsafe against total marginalization.

Many of these posters are indeed married to Asian women and have half-Asian kids, who they instill with anti-feminist, reactionary, far-right, pro-European bullshit, which confuses half-Asian kids, because in western countries, Asians are still seen as abnormal, alien, and mockable by the overwhelming majority of “normal” white AND some non-white people (aka: the white people who aren’t incels who jump onto Nazi bandwagons to compensate for their inability to get a white woman who will tolerate him).

By “normal” white people, I mean the liberal gaslighting whites who think that my writing is bullshit, equally hate and make fun of Asians and don’t consider it racism, etc. So what we’re dealing with here is incredibly nuanced and probably exquisitely dangerous.

Essentially it’s more likely for a half Asian to be raised by two people who hate Asians, than if a random couple of any other race were to raise them. Doubly so when you consider that the men who fetishize Asian women tend to be ironically the most racist against Asian men.

It’s a psycho-sexual nightmare and I just report on it. By the way, I really am half-Asian, got doxxed, my face is everywhere as is my name, and this happened years ago… I wouldn’t continue doing this unless I thought it really was that urgent to address. So either I’ve got huge cajones for doing this, or I just consider it important enough to risk wayyyyy too much.

Here you go. In the words of Bruno Mars: “don’t believe me just watch.”

July 2nd.


More (/r/braincels)



July 6th, 2019, I popped in, and it’s on the front page again. And again, the representation of Asians and Asian culture is just the women. I’m really not cherry picking, go on at any time of day and it’s the same shit over and over.


Date’s on there again


Date again, I’m losing track of the days


Again, getting worse




August 2nd, “rather a gook than a spook.” I.e., Asian women are a suitable alternative to racemixing, while white women (the real prize) are very wrong for marrying black men (the enemy higher up on the “masculinity” totem pole), and don’t even get me started on white women marrying Asian (or half-Asian) men.


/pol racist bragging about his blue eyed quarter “flip” daughter. Remember, Daniel Holtzclaw’s Japanese grandmother was bragging about a blue eyed granddaughter as well. Remember, white supremacy and its definitions will expand to whoever helps white incels escape their “marginalization” by the “left wing multicultural brigade.” So we’re going to be seeing a lot of half and quarter Asians at the forefront of white supremacy.


Again, /pol Nazi women of choice are Asian women, the only women they feel are available to them due to their status at the bottom of the western hierarchy (hence the white supremacy as a last ditch effort to feel powerful).


August 3: 4chan Nazis brag about how an Asian CEO’s Asian ex-wife left him because he has a “small Asian dick,” while simultaneously praising Asian women as superior choices for white men, and attacking anyone who calls out their hypocrisy as being a “white roastie” (roastie being slang for promiscous white women).

August 3: Thread on 4chan about El Paso shooting features a guy celebrating the shooting of Hispanics with pictures of Asian women. See below.


4chan Nazis celebrating Asian women as the answer for incel white men.




An entire thread devoted to how Asian women are the “red pill choice” for real, racist men, how “Hapas are the only okay race mixing.”


Boasting of how Asian women are the “only choice” for lower-attractiveness white men.


Attacking “Asian men and white women” using, ironically, an actor who is the son of a white man and an Asian woman.


Day in day out. 4chan’s Nazi board celebrates Asian women as being better than “fat roasties,” how hapas are practically white, and even bragging how Asian and Hapa women hate Asian men as proof of white male power. Even racist, Asian male hating Hapas join in, bragging about how they are “white passing,” yet married to Asian women.

Again, Asian women are “anti-feminist.”are “anti-feminist.”





The same old material, every day, every hour. Note the complete lack of acnowledgement of hapa men, or half-Asian men, who, in our parents’ ideal world, don’t exist.

Asian women are better than white women.
It’s okay for white men to have children with Asian women, but not black men.
All half Asians are beautiful as long as it’s only the white man creating them.
Asian woman as the ideal woman to uphold and maintain white supremacy.
Asian woman idealized on 4chan’s white nationalist forum.
Refers to his “virgin wife” as a Chink. Brags about how nobody wants Asian men or white women. Imagine this guy X 1,000,000 and then you have the state of half-Asians as a whole.
More casual racism about how white women are inferior to Asian women, who are the first pick for white supremacist males.



white women.JPG

White guy who hates minorities brags that his children are better than whites, Japs, and nigs, celebrating the Nazis. And then you wonder why half Asians are often troubled.

/pol arguing over the fact that Half-Asians should and do identify as white, that any half-Asian who disagrees with white racists chasing down Asian women are “full Asian incels;” with several right wing, white identifying Hapa men criticizing other half-Asian men for looking “too Asian.” Archive link here.

It never ends. White guy with a Vietnamese wife wants his grandkids to be white.


Another thread discussing how Asian girls are “pure,” and don’t dress “slutty,” and don’t sleep with black men, and how Eurasian children are “superior” since they are “upgraded with white genes.”


Without fail, every minute of every day on the most notorious openly Neo-Nazi website are  claiming their marriages to Asian women.



Sept 2. 2020, violent white man on Nazi 4chan has an Asian wife.


Sept 12, far right incels encouraging other Neo-Nazis to take the “WMAF pill”, since “white women f*cking suck now”.


Sept 13, incel cringely  brags about marrying an “Asian qt” to escape “white roasties


September 15, multiple Asian women dot the far-right’s web page feed


A Neo-Nazi (probably a reader of this website) boasts about how WMAF is so common as a way to both attack Asian men, feel better about himself, as well as denigrate and undermine insecurities about BMWF (black men, white women). Especially since the far-right and 4chan has now been convinced that Asian men (or me) are responsible for spamming 4chan with pictures of black men and white women.


September 19, Neo Nazis talking about how white women are fat trash race mixers, while Asian women are slim, traditional, and most of all, hate n-word males.

White nationalist brags about his Asian wife and son, who he will push to “marry white,” and how race mixing with Asians is not like race mixing with brown or black people


Entire thread devoted to how Asian women are superior to white women due to white women being “mudsharks,” and how white men / Asian women are superior to white women + non-white men

A day later; white women are n*****-loving feminist whores, but Asian women are the traditional, family oriented alternative to white women. (I.e., race mixing is only okay when white men do it, but not white women, even though white women are taking their cues from white men, and their half-Asian children heavily rely on an equality of nuance. But don’t expect Nazis to have this kind of integrity).


Entire thread devoted to white men boasting about how Asians are the answer to “mudshark” white women and the death of the west.

White guy, initimidated by change in Europe, wants to go to Japan where he can have “a son with a smaller cock than his,” in order to escape.
White guy sick of America, wants to go to Japan

If you want more, just go on and scroll no more than two pages before you see Asian women bussed in as replacements for white women and corresponding hatred of Asian men. I don’t have time to go on every day but you get the point. On the occasion I do, I will find Asian women right up front and center, but if you don’t believe me, just take 2 minutes out of your day and do it yourself. It’s every hour, every day, and I don’t have time to be on there every hour.