Here’s a brief lesson in intersectionality, and life itself.

In Wisconsin, there was a kid who decided to play Death Wish and shoot some “antifa” in what looks to be his rendition of a movie in which he is saving ‘Merica from those nasty commie punks. Instead he’s been charged with first degree murder and is going to get a minimum of twenty-five.

Turns out the kid was half-Latino. Mother, of course, being the Latino one.

Remember George Zimmerman? Apparently the Neo-Nazi comic artist Stonetoss’s mother is Puerto Rican.

Starting to notice a pattern?

I mentioned before that half-Asians are the current white supremacists, but I’ve noticed there’s quite a good deal of half-Latinos – all with white dads, serving as triggermen for the far-right “way it should be.” Several of my commenters have asked me about it, and I see parallels here. Same could be said about women like Candice Owens and Michelle Malkin. (There are, of course, women like OAC, who also preach liberalism and wind up with a white male as her own methodology of acceptance and desexualized political “romance”, but she and her kind will never admit the pendulum swings the other way, just the same).

Some time, long, long ago, the white far right (or the default state of white maleness), decided that white women were too much trouble, or, rather, too hard to get. Men, in general are driven by sexual urges, and the validation it provides them to get women. A lot of this sexual angst is directed at black males, in particular. Throughout history, there is a common trend of this sexual insecurity. Even if this sexuality is repressed, there is a definite resentment against men who achieve sexual fulfillment. The west’s colonial and violent tendencies are rooted in the fact that many white men lived in sexual angst and sought to go abroad in order to pillage and rape, while fearing being pillaged and raped by foreigners.

White men can, and always have, taken women of color as wives in order to fulfill their sexual urges, and nowhere along the line does this mean they are not racist. They used to call this colonialism, but nowadays they call it “bleaching,” or “anti-feminism.”

That’s why virtually every far-right space, aside from being white supremacist, also has a passionate hatred of white women. So – who will replace white women when white supremacists need to get laid?

Feminism, which started in the west, was spearheaded by white women who concurrently decided that they weren’t willing to marry men that they weren’t physically attracted to. This was mistaken as some conspiracy by a large number of white men who believed that natural selection was a plot against the patriarchy. Depending on who you ask, technically, it might be. That is, patriarchy has always been a plot against natural selection.

Now, it just so happens that women of color, living in the west, are indoctrinated with the idea that blue eyed, blonde haired white women are the ideal, and the most beautiful.

Failing to be able to achieve that ideal, a large number of women of color decide that the next best option is to marry white men with the belief that this sends the message that they’re “more desirable” than white women, and with the hopes that their kids are “more desirable.” The white dads, like mine, never really ever forget their ideal white woman, and compounded with WOC’s tendency to enter into non-sexual relationships, these same sexually frustrated white men try to indoctrinate their sons to fight for the white man’s cause, so both father and son participate in the war of sexual insecurity against the never ending tides of change (i.e., natural selection).

The problem is that two people with an insecurity complex about not being physically attractive generally don’t produce tall, Aryan kids.

Instead, what they produce are non-white kids who are half-way to the ideal, both physically and mentally. The biracial sons of white men and women of color harbor beliefs that whiteness (blue eyes, blonde hair) is ideal, but fail to ever come close, so they overcompensate by roleplaying as saviors of the white man’s world, in order to live up to not only their own parents’ psychosexual hierarchy, but also their own interpretation of the world as being a white man’s one. This isn’t some meme. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of “boys” out there who struggle with feminine attention and so channel it into overt displays of far-right, gun toting “masculinity.” Somewhere buried in there is a death wish, or at least a pathological suicidal tendency centered around guns, in which they feel they can escape their undesirability through violent death itself.

That’s why images like this are quite common. That’s also why so many biracials with white fathers are perpetually insecure about it. And, like everything else in this world, leads to a neverending cycle of insecurity, bullying, and anger over the fact that: many boys can’t get blonde, white girls, and that many girls aren’t blonde, white girls. In fact, life is just the long, painful process of dealing with the insecurities of others, and in my case, my own parents.