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Another weirdo, antisocial, white-racist supporter who winds up specifically with a “submissive”, “family oriented” Asian wife, a half-Asian son, and manages to live “freely” outside of the “tyranny” of feminism, liberalism, censorship, and those nasty white “‘foids” – in an Asian country.

Pretty much every single link to the extremely negative presence of white supremacy has an Asian female connection and this is undeniable. Almost every single post on any incel or Nazi / undesirable website encourages the losers of the losers to venture off to Asia and run “Just Be White” game, since Asian men are so “pathetic” as to never stand up to the power of the strong white man; not like those scary black men.

For decades it has been a trend for the absolute worst, absolutely most repugnant, most malicious white men, to seek out “traditional,” “submissive,” “white skinned” Asian women who won’t challenge their white maleness or sleep with black, Latino, Arab men, but provide the uttermost horrifically racist white men with a “safety net” to escape the “decline of the west.” My father included. It’s essentially – and I have no reason to believe otherwise – the default state of half-Asians to have horrifically racist, atrocious fathers who work actively around the clock to make life worse for their own children, all in an attempt to reestablish control over white women, minorities, and a liberalized society – with the help of submissive, traditional, “chaste” Asian women who won’t make them ever feel endangered. Racism, for men, is about a feeling of sexual power and fulfillment, and obviously white supremacists need a way to fulfill their sexual urges while maintaining a sense of power.

And this has been going on for decades.

In 2004, after the tech boom turned bust, Watkins moved to the Philippines, a place to which he and his family had vacationed.

Watkins is blasé about those who are concerned about the type of content and behavior that 8chan encourages, but he insists he doesn’t hold the racist views espoused there. He explained this to me by way of a bizarre comparison between the lives of black Americans in the 20th century and his living situation in the Philippines.

“I am obviously not a white supremacist. I go for days without seeing another white face,” he told me. “I put up with racial problems similar to that of colored people in the 1960s, the black people of the 1970s, the African Americans of the 1980s, the people of color of the 1990s, and I am not sure what the politically correct term in the 21st century is…. I have lived here in the same place longer than anywhere else in my adult life. I love my home. As I am sure those people did in the 1960s. I don’t have a problem with white supremacists talking on 8chan. They have reasons for their beliefs. I don’t need to justify their reasons.”

His fully adult, Asian looking son:


Watkins threw in an Asian joke after his interview:

“Buy some advertising on 8chan. It’s only 5 dollars” he said, briefly adopting a mock accent and pronouncing his Ls as Rs: “Five dollar! five dollar!”

And you wonder why many, if not all half Asians are troubled. In my case – this is the default state of WMAF, not the abnormal, and I have yet to be proven that this is not uncommon. Most half Asian men look like Asian men, yet Asian men are treated with horrific contempt not only by society – but by their own parents. People love trying to brush this under the carpet because intersectionality hasn’t been fully explored yet, because no person (other than me*) – has been able to understand this phenomenon to this extent.

The real question is – just how many of these men are in positions of power, using Asian women as their back up plan to “save the west” against change, multiculturalism, progress, women, gays, blacks, etc?

Because the day will come – and it has come pretty damn close – when it becomes literally undeniable that racist white supremacists have been defaulting to Asian women for decades. When’s the next major white supremacist shooting either sponsored by Jim Watkins – or by a white man who makes an exception for race mixing so long as the woman is Asian? Where are earth are you going to get the werewithal to deny this for another few years?

Here’s the bigger, more pressing issue: what are  you going to do about the millions of half-Asian children of Asian women and Nazi sympathizers? Keep pretending this isn’t an issue just to save face?

*Yeah, I went there.