Link to his open racism.

Article about how Kyle Chapman, husband to an Asian woman, thinks that the Proud Boys doesn’t do enough to fight white genocide.

I’ve wrote about this before. This whole website has been up for years now and the topic discussed over and over, from my personal experience with the subject.

A Neo-Nazi with an Asian wife.

More common than you think.


Because Nazis, suffering from deep seated male pathological desires for sex and dominance, are extremely insecure, have preexisting mental conditions and hate white women for not supporting bottom-of-the-barrel white men, but want to get laid and feel big and strong, and reproduce, leave a legacy, but struggle to find a “traditional,” “chaste” woman who won’t challenge his insecurities.  Men of color and white women, sexualized in his head, are the enemy. Hence, “traditional,” “chaste,” Asian wife; since some women are desperate to feel “integrated” into the west and have “Caucasian” (note, they don’t want to say “white”, because it would give away their position in todays hypocritical world) children. A dead bedroom with a belittling, self-loathing woman oftentimes sends already damaged men off the deep end. After all, these men failed with white women, so nowhere along the line does this mean they are actually physically attractive; but their oppressive sex drives and corresponding need for dominance need to be transfered elsewhere.

Essentially the last ditch cry from the worst, most backwards, most toxic white men on the planet has been through women of color. That has long been the basis of colonialism. Sexually deprived, bitter men enforcing racial hierarchies as an attempt to get revenge on the world, hand in hand with a subset of women who are themselves equally as bitter for feeling “less beautiful,” than say, white women. It’s just a cycle of insecurity. With bad results.

See the rest of this website for how I’ve repeated this over and over.

However, due to the atmosphere of total confusion and intersectional chaos in the western world, fully expect non-white women married to Neo-Nazis to be acquited of all accountability, just for the sake of “sticking it” to whoever needs to have it stuck to them in order to societal to keep functioning, if only just barely.

By the way, Chapman has a son. To see what it’ll be like with thousands of self-loathing, racist hapa men raised by white nationalist dads and Asian moms (who wish they had blue eyed sons), see the comments below. By now, there are in all likelihood millions of half-Asians and half-Latinos and even some half-blacks being raised by racist white fathers and non-white mothers desperate for a shot of good old white American power.