There are multiple claims that Stonetoss is Puerto Rican, through his mother, and white, through his father. Since his doxxing is inevitable, I’m willing to bet a good sum of money that this is true. The worst white Nazis have non-white wives, and the worst non-white Nazis tend to be biracial. Why? Insecurity – sexually, mostly – over women so they overcompensate with “muh white genes.”

This wouldn’t be surprising, since the Neo Nazi Augustus Sol Invictus has a Dominican wife and two biracial black kids.

John Derbyshire has a Chinese wife, Chuck C. Johnson an Indonesian wife, Kyle Chapman a Vietnamese wife, Mike Cernovich an Iranian wife, Richard Spencer, multiple Asian girlfriends and now a Russian wife, Mitch McConnell, Asian wife, etc. I’ve listed hundreds of examples over a ten – twelve year period. It’s almost as if the more far right a man is, ironically the more difficulty he has finding a white partner, and he uses non-white women as a surrogate for his sexualized aggression and unhappiness.

Sex and racism aren’t mutually exclusive. The entire idea of racism is that white men are supreme, women inferior, the white race hinged on white women’s behavior, but white men able to get their oppressive sex needs met elsewhere as an expression of white male dominance. And obviously there are plenty of non-white women out there made to feel incredibly insecure about their physical features, who feel the best way to achieve anything is to procure a white male – and create children as close to the ideal of whiteness as possible.

Since women resent racist white men, racist white men need their sex. They view “breeding” women of color as “colonialism,” whitening up the enemy, etc. They think race-mixing is okay so long as a “superior white man” does it. White guys have been having issues with white women for centuries and turned to desperate, insecure women of color who come from brutally competitive, “sex as a service” societies, a perfect match in hell for the Nazi boy who was never genuinely physically wanted by women and is perfectly fine with a forced / exchange marriage in which a self-loathing woman of color can “get revenge” for her own personal scorn at being born, in her own mind, “ugly.”

Though I suspect the ruthless, domineering and asexual nature of the woman of color (and her inability to truly consummate), as well as the suspicion that he hasn’t quite won anything, drives him into a rage. As I said, men that are never wanted by women tend to be aggressive and malevolent, which is why colonialism and capitalism was a male ideal; a way to get women through artificial dependency.

Women of color (especially the less attractive ones) want blue eyed kids and a feeling of competitive beauty over their peers. That, and social acceptance into the economically dominant west after being rejected by their own societies. White males provide them with ample opportunity to “dominate” white men into an asexual, platonic relationship, attain social utility, and simultaneously achieve hegemony while belittling their white partners (and whiter-looking sons) out of a pathological contempt of both their race, and her own insecurities and self-conscious rage. They know they can get away with it in a hyper-confused white-liberal dominated society that turns a blind eye to intersectional issues like this, because, you know, they can. White liberals can pretend to be woke while still claiming men of color are abusive, so, you know, nice little bait and switch there.

Problem is the sons, who are told by their mothers that white males are the ideal, and the sons inherit the white fathers’ hatred of white women and people of color. George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse come to mind. Very insecure men who believe white is right, but have a non-white mommy and a white daddy who teaches his son that white men are victims who also deserve to dominate the world.

I used to think this was an Asian only problem, but I guess it’s affected all people of color. But the thing is, people know what they’re doing. These Nazis’ wives stay with them. Hell, they even try to paint themselves as victims of unfair criticism since admitting mistakes and losing face is hard enough for people who are already deathly insecure of social judgment.

Even hapas told me that pointing out the Latino-Nazi connection was stupid cause it had nothing to do with hapas. Hapas that I know are some of the most racist people I’ve ever met, so it’s no surprise they’re on Reddit and in my comments doxxing me for making them lose face in front of Hu-white Girls. Hell, the people who have been most adamant about shutting me up by any means possible have either been insecure hapas or insecure men of other races.

So now we’ve got a nation of mixed race people with racist white dads after decades of idiots pretending that this wasn’t the same old colonialism from 500 years ago.

There’s a reason why our first black president had a white mother, not a white father. There are no coincidences in this world. That’s part of the game of this trashheap we call life, I suppose.