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Been over this hundreds of times, but here we go. This time, we can do it in steps.

  1. Be socially ostracized, undesirable white male unable to compete in a sexually liberated society
  2. Be rejected by women your entire life, and develop a far-right outlook where you blame Jews, blacks, and white women for your inability to meet the criteria for natural selection.
  3. Seek out an expression of male sexual angst by fetishizing Asian women as a “petite, anti-feminist, light skinned, traditional” alternative to white women, who “worship” “superior” white men.
  4. Develop a passionate hatred for “undesirable” Asian men as an expression of masculine hierarchies to cover up for your insecurities as an unlovable, untouchable white male (even by ones own wife); incels are well known for having an insane and obsessive preoccupation with Asian males, as a way to feel as if there is someone worse than them, at any and all times.
  5. Marry an Asian woman, who herself comes from a pragmatic culture where sexuality and genuine love is of no importance, who feels bitter at her own social rejection and insecurity, and marries said white man out of a desire for higher social mobility, more socio-economic security in a ruthlessly ultra-capitalist society (in which undesirable men can force women into financial-transaction relationships so that said women can eat), and a feeling of competitive beauty without actually having to sexually consummate. 
  6. Be stuck with a woman who still will not touch, kiss, etc, said white male (after all, he is objectively ugly, either inside or out, or both), but I suppose her “chasteness” is appealing to Nazis who fear white womens’ sexuality.
  7. Remain a white supremacist with an Asian wife due to longstanding bitterness at being rejected by white women / society, and also coming to the reality that said white man has solved nothing; the emasculation and insults from the Asian wife causes even further expressions of rage and racism, particularly against Asian men.
  8. Have a (god forbid) half-Asian son who is raised to hate his Asian side (by his parents as well as being at the butt-end of society’s aggression and snide comments) and worship at the alter of white male supremacy, and has also inherited both his parents’ extreme mental illness and somehow thinks that all Half-Asians are the “master race” as a grotesque method of overcompensation.

“So, what now?” you might ask. Nothing; this has been going on for decades and people chose to ignore it because it’s considered uncool and too much of a wrench in the wheel of intersectionality to discuss, and people, including most Hapas, are too deathly insecure to take the risk, or are equally as racist and insecure as their fathers. After all, Nathan’s story is just one as old as time itself: people insecure with their existence doing anything and everything to alleviate their pain.

People, rather than admitting that their individual existence – in whatever body they manifest – is awful, just try to bring others down out of their own pathological insecurity. So, ugly white men, and the ugly, self loathing women they marry, rather bring everyone down (including their own kids), rather than admit the obvious: that they’re ugly.