Preface: before some idiotic Asian person tells me this guy looks “ambiguous.” He looks Asian. I’m half-Asian. People focus on my Asian half. Just stop being obtuse.

Second preface: the Trump supporters were probably Taiwanese, just to show how messed up this who intersectional mess is and how dumb and hostile people are even within their own camp.

How to create millions (yes, millions) of deranged, poorly integrated Hapa males:

  1. Be a self-hating, extremely insecure, extremely ruthless, cutthroat Asian woman whose only goal in life is to integrate with whites while simultaneously badmouthing Asian men, spend an entire lifetime ignoring how damaging this might be to your own children in the future; repeatedly ignore complaints by outspoken Eurasians and instead blame their complaints on full Asian men; do everything in your power to ingratiate yourself to the white American majority so that you can ensure your financial and social survival in the capitalist system insecure men created.
  2. Have an Asian looking son, make zero effort to address the imbalance and just hope for the best (I’ve even seen delusional, deliberately obtuse Asians on AznIdentity claim this guy doesn’t look Asian when he looks 100% to me – I specialize in these things – and probably 200% to non Asians)
  3. Asian looking son is confused and insecure and looks to be engaging in a clear case of impotent, desperate rage; simultaneously hates Trump supporters (ironically Taiwanese people) and Asians to fit in with the neoliberal zeitgeist or whatever since politics is his best bet of feeling a sense of belonging and relevance after being ostracized for being an Asian male. Hapa males have a known track-record of hating Asian men in particular, mostly out of insecurity or an attempt to distance themselves in order to look cool and strong, if I had to venture a guess. I’ve ever had other hapas (in this case my AMWF hapa cousin) try to make fun of me by saying “you look more Asian than me” in front of their girlfriends in order to discourage their attraction to me. Also my WMAF brother, incessantly makes comments about how “Asian guys get no girls,” while himself being permanently single.