⚠️September, 2017 update: Vice does a video on the subject, which half touches on this.

⚠️January, 2018: New York Times republishes many of the names here.

Here’s a long, long, long, long list of known members of the Alt-Right, Nazi groups, “White Nationalist-leaning”, and other white nationalist or conspiracy theorist groups with Asian wives, girlfriends, or ex-girlfriends; (2021 update, I haven’t added to this list in years; since then it was brought to my attention that this isn’t merely limited to Asian women, but a large number of women of color who are targetted by racist white men as an alternative to “feminist” white women).

In fact on further research, as well as with the help of my readers, it’s become alarmingly clear that it might even be the default for the most socially ostracized men and hence far-right (in an attempt to create a control locus over their own social and sexual ostracization by blaming feminism, globalism, Jews, and anti-white narratives, etc) – to seek out women of color, be they Asian, black, Latin or Native as a way to “fight back” against the “anti white narrative” that they feel white women and men of color are complicit in.

This in fact explains the entire basis of capitalism, colonialism, and other anti-humanist social structures created by western civilization in an attempt to “overcompensate” for their creators’ unlovability; in which it became necessary to force women into monetary / social status marriages, while degrading and demeaning men of color and white women, as a form of revenge.

The more socially ostracized a man is, the more sexually desperate he becomes, and the more far-right he becomes (and vice versa), and the more he depends on “traditional” Asian women as his way of validating his masculinity, which in turn leads to more sexually-deprived aggression.

This may or may not have a very interesting effect on the children, who will internalize, simultaneously, self-hatred for their Asianness, as well as a a support for white supremacy, to fulfill their father’s desires for white supremacy vis a non-white women. The clash between the idealization of whiteness, the white father’s use of insecure, self-loathing Asian (or other) women as a naive surrogate for white supremacy (wherein he finds white women to be “traitors”), the mother’s push for status and integration and Caucasian babies so as to obtain social leverage and to get “revenge” for feeling “ugly”, and white and non-Asian peoples’ mockery of Asianness will have untold and potentially devastating effects on the Asian-looking children. The very fact that the overwhelming majority of half-Asians look and identify as Asian, and / or non-white, yet are raised in an environment in which WMAF o WM+(other) couples represent the newest version of white supremacist disdain for ethnic minorities and progressive causes – combined with the racism these half-Asians face at home – will be a bomb of cultural significance.

Among these I predict, as of 2018, half-Asian / biracial Neo-Nazi spree shooters, as well as white male Neo-Nazi spree shooters who will target minorities (including Asians and Half-Asians who look Asian / Hispanic / Arab), while married to Asian women. (2021 update: there have been more than enough incidents – barring mass shootings – since then to prove my point). It’s also fairly self evident for anyone who takes the time to research the subject – that there is a high number of biracials in the far-right, almost all with white fathers (the incels of yesteryear), who latch onto the far-right / conspiracy movement as a way to overcome their sexual irrelevancy, as per the inheritance of their undesirable fathers.

Others include various people in the “manosphere,” “human biodiversity,” and other fringe, far-right, conspiracy-theorist (e.g., QAnon), right-leaning conservative groups with an emphasis on anti-blackness, anti-Islam, “race realism,” and “pro-whiteness.” This list is published merely as a warning to people who want to consider the implications of biracial, Asian (or even non-Asian) looking children being raised by white-nationalists and white racists – as well as the threat of White Nationalists married to “replacement” Asian women, committing more violent acts upon half-Asians, mistaking them for “enemy” minority groups.

This will NOT include the daily, almost hourly posts on 4chan, where White Neo-Nazis who worship anime, repeatedly brag about how East Asian women are superior to white women – largely due to not being “mudsharks” (i.e., not sleeping with black men). This will NOT include the white men who seek out Asian women while mocking Asian men and her Asian features, due to seeing her as a last choice for his masculinity.


The reasons as to why racist white men fantasize and fetishize Asian women will are below.

The short answer:

Because they like them back. White men with racist beliefs feel entitled to White women, who they view as too demanding, less-traditional and traitorous (sleeping with black men), so they go for the only women with low-self esteem who will tolerate them, East Asian women, who feel confused about their “almost” white skin and their “stable” culture, yet also their (so-called) non-refined facial features, and will marry racist white men with the intent of fitting in and to “feel beautiful.”

The fact that East Asian culture views marriage and sexuality as pragmatic, and East Asians being notoriously self-hating due to their looks, and East Asian men being seen and promoted as the worst in the world, leads to White Nationalist men specifically fetishizing Asian women as less promiscuous, more traditional, cleaner and more “dainty” than any other women – and easier to manage. Once the honeymoon ends, and Asian women begin to reveal their “Tiger Mom” and “controlling” behavior, many of these white men in sexless marriages, become increasingly racist, as a way to justify their cognitive dissonance, and to regain control of “white society,” through reclaiming his “white masculinity.”

Long answer:

This is essentially strongly limited to East Asian women, stereotyped as “chaste,” “white skinned,” “traditional,” “pure,” “innocent,” and “family oriented” (compared to White women), which creates untold corollaries for other behavior patterns of the children. Stereotypes about Asian women – as well as mutual “attraction” based on social benefits – causes white men who feel a desire to “dominate” and express unapologetic white supremacist beliefs with a “traditional, white skinned, family oriented woman from a noble culture that doesn’t embrace multiculturalism or degeneracy” that will never challenge them – seek out East Asian women. 

White racists who seek escape from “degenerate, promiscuous western women” (i.e., those with high standards) prey on the low self-esteem of “traditional” Asian women, who in turn seek status with white (and only white men) and to escape their unique facial features, unique physique, and low status. Due to Asian women historically viewing sexuality in a pragmatic sense, it is not problematic for them to engage in marriage for status with the same men that are rejected by white women (which the white men, in turn, blame on white feminism).

Because Asian culture is relatively “stable” (in the minds of white supremacists), isolated, and “less violent” compared to black, Latino, or Arab culture, and has elements that White men consider “noble,” and “non-degenerate,” Asian women are idealized for being suitable mates for white men who wish to capitalize on whiteness with the security of never being challenged by feminism, or the white woman.

This in turn creates a catch-22 for Half Asian people, caught between Asianess – in our minds, a universal negative – and whiteness – the choice of our parents, stuck in perpetual limbo. 

Since Asianness and Whiteness are not closely related other than skin color, the child will oftentimes bear strong Asian features, stronger than other mixed-races which are more physically similar – causing intense problems in a child’s psyche. This is usually in addition to a very violent home caused by the Asian mother’s anger at her low status and poor marriage, the unattractiveness of her husband, and her failure to attain the status of the white woman; add to this the racism of the father, who uses his Asian wife to validate his white supremacist beliefs without challenge, yet resents his Asian wife for reminding him of his failure, and you have a nightmare scenario. Many of these men go out of their way to continuously attack Asian men / Half-Asian men, and White women, despite raising Asian sons – because it helps them to maintain an air of superiority, despite feeling inferior.

Please add any more names to the list that you know of. If you think that these men don’t fit the category for White Nationalists – it’s pretty hard for the average person and for us, their children, to tell the difference.

*Racist market strategist Marc Faber has a Thai wife

Honorable mentions:

Honorable mention goes to Asian women who actively work to ensure white male supremacy.

Honorable mention:

Unconfirmed but rumored:

/u/EurasianTiger – the son of a well-known anti-Semite, homophobic, paleoconservative, racist columnist on the East Coast of the United States, and a Hong Kongese woman, adds the footnote:

Why do white supremacists and racists love and even seem to prefer Asian women?

Well, frankly, because they love them right back – because of status, privilege, and white-worship and implicit self-hatred built into the very fabric of Asian culture. If you’re a white supremacist and can’t find a partner, because, uh, you’re a white supremacist – you can find a partner who wants the same thing as you – white, blue eyed babies, access to “high society and status” and won’t judge you for being, you know, a white supremacist. Essentially, the low status of Asian women in society, as well as their reputation for “traditionalism” means that white men that are angry at white women will turn to Asian women for the most stable, loyal, and anti-feminist bet around.

In fact, it can be speculated that Asian women know for a fact that their choices among white men are limited (by and large, the best white men will not like Asian women) – so they are essentially forced to settle with the men with the lowest social standing – who oftentimes use white supremacy as a crutch – meaning that white men with low social standing and white men with antisocial, white supremacist beliefs are one and the same; and they like Asian women.

Add this to the language barrier, and well, you know. Some Asian women as just that pro white that they will literally be perfectly fine with a white supremacist husband as long as they have the shot at not marrying an “ugly Asian male.” Some Asian women are so desperate to be white that they will literally marry White supremacist men, who in turn, get to feel big and valued for their whiteness when those pesky white women don’t want them.

Also remember that white racist men have personality defects that prevents them from forming relationships with women – and an Asian woman might turn a blind eye due to the culture gap, and not be able to conceptualize why a racist, alt-right, conservative White man would want an Asian woman, yet remain a white supremacist.

Also keep in mind that many white men resent having an Asian partner as a symbol of their failure to get a white partner, and become more racist as a result, as a means to channel sexual anger into something more “potent.” A good example woud be Kyle Chapman – who ever after his son’s birth, continued to actively participate in white nationalism.

All of this implies a very large demographic of Eurasian children being raised to be ashamed to be Asian by Asian mothers who preferred bottom of the barrel, racist white men over them; the Eurasian child internalizes the inferiority of Asianess and benefit of whiteness, being raised by a White racist and an Asian woman who tolerates and agrees with him and desires to be white herself so as to obtain the status of the White woman. Whereby creating children that are A) defacto pro-Western and anti-black, and B) implicitly self-hating, depending on the degree of how Asian they look, and C) uncomfortable with their Asian heritage, and desperate to integrate with Whites, causing a number of bizarre behaviors such as hair dying, participation in White nationalism (Marcus Epstein), and violent pursuits (Daniel Holtzclaw).

The result is a disaster, with Elliot Rodger being an exemplary example, or perhaps the most archetypal version of the maladjusted Eurasian child who was uncomfortable with his own heritage and yearned to be white, and blonde, and also had an intense hatred of Asian men and white women (like his parents), while believing, falsely, that his Eurasian heritage entitled him to an incredible amount of privilege, and women.

Keep in mind that the most famous White Supremacist of all time – Adolf Hitler – referred to Asians as “honorary Aryans.”

Asian women are also highly sought after for being “traditional,” “family oriented,” and less likely to sleep with, yes, black men.

Asian women are highly valued as “alternatives” to feminist, “fat,” traitorous and “liberal” white women, whereby lower status white men who feel insecure will use Asian women as a way to validate their whiteness, since Asian women feel unattractive and want white children.

Asian culture prioritizes assimilation and status, and whiteness holds particular weight; combined with Asian women having a culturalized tendency towards negative self-image placed in close proximity to whiteness, the appeal of white men effectually has become so well known, that White men of oftentimes questionable character and motives pursue Asian women, knowing full well the benefit of their “whiteness”. White men will seek out Asian women with the belief that White women are “traitors” to conservative values, and so highly value Asian women as being submissive, traditional, family-oriented, and appreciative of blue eyes, blonde hair, and Aryan features, wanting them in themselves, due to low self esteem at being – in their minds – the least attractive race of women.

The original description by the original poster, /u/eurasianlion, read as:

“We all know that modern white supremacy is not defined by anthropology or scientific research like the German scientists of the Third Reich conducted nor even overtly violent racist conducted by the Ku Klux Klan. Modern white supremacy is simply white sexual imperialism. Brainwashing women of other races to hate themselves and worship whiteness is their entire method of operation, so it is no surprise that a very large percentage of white supremacists these days are well known asiaphiles.”