Lots of guys can’t find a woman to touch them (without extreme coercion). This is for either physical or psychological reasons (e.g., asperger’s, which also makes them prone to conspiracy theories and right wing beliefs in an attempt to establish a control locus over their own undesirability).

This essentially is the source behind male desperation, vitriol and action, aggression and toxicity comes from the understanding that his fundamental need will never be mutually met by a woman, no matter how much he overcompensates, pays for it, or aggressively fights back. There are a lot of people who essentially develop an aggressive, nihilistic toxicity based off of their perceived fate as unlovable people. Right wing beliefs help untouchables maintain a sense of “control” over their inability to control their own rejection from social / natural selection. Hell, most action is a result of Freudian desperation.

60 (or 100’s of) years ago western countries used to send their excess, unmarriageable men off to die in colonial or invasive wars, while the elites stayed home and wrote oppressive laws and refined capitalism so that they could force women into financial servitude.

Now they just cause trouble. They appear as either mass shooters, or conspiracy theorist right-wingers who shift their sexual frustration into far-right activities (like the men in my family), or Jim Watkins, owner of the mass-shooter-factor 8chan, and his half Asian son, Ron Watkins. Wherever there are far-right, aspie untouchable men – there is some variation on the Asian connection. Married or not, the Asian woman, sometimes wife – is never enough; she married him for her own utility, or for money, or to integrate, after all. She won’t touch him, insults and belittles him, so he snaps.

Usually the man – already a racist who is angry at white women and minorities – channels his rage at her belittling behavior into racism against Asians, but always, it remains sealed in his mind that he failed at life – so he becomes more and more angry.

(Sidenote: Most if not all of the west’s (of all colors) treatment of Asians is rooted in their deep seated sexual insecurity. That’s why the uglier a man or woman is (of any race), the more quickly they foam at the mouth with insults for Asian men. Unhappy people lash out and seek to punch down to normalize their own pain.)

In come the Asian massage parlor. Or, in many cases, the Asian fetish. A last ditch on white power. A chance to feel big, unrepentently white, and powerful. After all, an Asian woman can never reject a white man, especially not one with mental problems, who is socially and physically undesirable on every account. Not even an Asian hooker.

Oh, but they did?

What happens when a rejected man reaches the very end of his rejection? Rejected by sex workers?

This happens.

This why there are no coincidences when it comes to human nature. Look at something like this, or the mass murder and disappearance of mostly Asian looking indigenous women in Canada, and it all makes sense. There was also a recent attack at a Canadian brothel too by another dude.

Low status men being rejected by their last shot at power. Boom.

Been writing about this since 2011 and I generally have not been wrong, at all, but other hapas, very insecure males one, at that, thought my behavior was making them look weaker than they already were, so like the lowest-level of cowardly predators they were (on the same level as maggots or sea-stars), they doxxed me. Remember, when you’re very, very, very insecure, you can’t afford to look uncool. It’s more important to endanger people than to lose face.

Now we just sit around waiting for the next expression of sexual rage or power struggle to happen, all involving Asians.