"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What it's actually like looking Asian with a far-right, anti-feminist white father, and a self-loathing Asian mother who hoped for privileged "white, blue eyed babies." An appraisal of fetishes and self-hatred.

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most strange, racist, spiteful and hateful people – especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer white men – why is this, and what happens to the children – especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and white women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to white men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many white supremacists, alt-rightists, and white nationalists have Asian partners? Why do racist white men fetishize Asian women, and why do Asian women fetishize white men – and what does that mean for the children? Compiled by the son of a racist white father and a racist Chinese mother.

“EurasianWriter / EurasianTiger is just a jealous Asian man! He’s just jealous of Asian women!”

No. I’ve been doxxed; my entire family (and I get the sense everyone I know) knows who I am – and I stand by doing the right thing in saying that my father was a Nazi, and his wife Chinese, their marriage violent, and that yellow fever a debilitating, violent, dangerous phenomenon – especially for the children. I don’t care, because I feel it’s more important to expose this than it is preserving any privacy I have. My family even encouraged me to stop to save face, to go with “my privilege” – ignoring the fact that I know far too much about this subject to think it will end positively.

I’m just scared of what’s going to happen to all of the half-Asian men out there whose own collective parents are working against them. Please keep in mind that there are probably millions upon millions of deeply, deeply troubled half-Asians who are born to quite literally the most repugnant, racist white (and non-Asian) men on earth – and Asian mothers. You are a monumental fool for ignoring this.

How dare you go 40 years without ever considering the nature of racism against Asian looking men – and how dare you try to stifle our voices for so long; I was making comments about this in public since I was a teenager and since then, the racism has somehow even gotten worse.

Most, if not all, half-Asians look and identify as Asian men – and anyone who has eyes can see this – and yet society remains fiercely racist against Asian men. Many of these racist men like Asian women, because white women are “too feminist, too slutty, too liberated,” or simply just not receptive to racist white men. Add on top of this a particularly racist, dysfunction, low-effort, violent, argumentative, aggressive home environment, and the “racial routettes” of most guys with Asian wives and girlfriends – and yeah, most half-Asians with non-Asian dads are gonna be troubled.

What were Hapas supposed to do?

Ignore this?

For how long, exactly? Because, apparently – you have, for 60 years.

I’m not really jealous of a screaming, violent, self-hating, clinically depressed, passive aggressive Asian woman unhappily married for social status to a miserable, privileged far-right, Nazi-sympathizing, Holocaust-denying, black-hating, conspiracy-theorist who spends every waking hour trying to overcome his wife’s Tiger Mom passive-aggressiveness, lovelessness, and shrillness by badmouthing Asian men online, in front of his Asian son, before returning to his dead bedroom. I’m really jealous of a hyper-racist, ultra violent “couple” that spends all of their time fighting, because the relationship was based on racism, social status, and self-hatred.

All I want is to warn people about the inherent racism in these couples, the intense racism against half-Asians, and how our parents actually contribute to it. I want to warn people about half-Asian white supremacists who will be driven to insanity by their far-right white fathers and complicitly white supremacist Asian mothers.

I want people to know about our mental illness and issues as a result of having mixed parentage, carried out by two over the top, manipulative racists who can’t even speak the same language, yet are unified in their desire to maximize on white supremacy, despite raising children who don’t look white.

I am, if anything, jealous of people who don’t have to deal with this – and want to warn people about what’s coming. I don’t care who or what you are; there are going to be such severely self-hating, mentally-ill half-Asians out there that they will endanger you and society at large.

I’m deathly afraid of these men, their wives, and for my fellow people of color, full and mixed alike, who fall for the myth that all interracial relationships are progressive. I have dated almost exclusively black, Indian and Arab women, and for a long, long time avoided Asian women out of understanding of their horrific behavioral patterns and racism. The amount of racism I hear from Asian women in my family is somehow even worse from that coming from the old folks on my white side – and this compounds in children that attempt, as much as they can, to distances themselves from being Asian, and identifying as white.

I’m just very, very alarmed, because I know personally extremely troubled half-Asians who were raised by extremely repugnant white fathers who targeted Asian women to express hardcore white supremacy and control over the “death of the west”, and these half-Asians never came to terms with their heritage and the racism against them.

These types of half-Asians are extremely common, everywhere around you, and highly volatile. They are oftentimes far more racist on average, since their parents are white supremacists who compel them to do the impossible: be white, at all costs, and escape being Asian, which is impossible.

I’ve lived it, and I want to help half-Asians who feel bad about themselves and deal with the usual Asian mom insanity, and also, I want to make sure that every single dead half-Asian life is accounted for, and that people understand why they did what they did.

People need to know about this, so more lives are not lost. It’s been going on far too long and will continue to go on, and bad things will continue to happen, while people continue to turn a blind eye because it is an inconvenience to you to recognize a tremendous sociological trend.

The primary plight of half-Asians is that our parents are above and beyond racist – and white supremacist – that should be required for a biracial pairing. They fail, essentially, in the most basic part of parenting a non-white child, and are the only grouping that measurably spends much of their time seeking to destroy their own children in a desperate attempt to feel powerful.

I’m putting this website out there, having paid for it, and refusing to monetize ANY of this, despite pouring tens of thousands of dollars into it – as a warning.

I legitimately am afraid that a white male / Asian female couple – or one of their children – will start attempting to hurt, kill, or even expel Asians, Latinos, and the half-Asians that look like these groups. I am not concerned about my dating life; I am not concerned about the lack of half-Asians in any media presence, or the lack of half-Asians with white dads and Asian moms in any positions of success at all.

I am concerned about violence from white supremacists – either who fetishize Asian women, or violence from their children, who will not be able to properly deal with the fact that they look Asian – and yet, everyone, including and especially their parents, hates Asians. I am concerned about violence from Half-Asians like Elliot Rodger, who are born seeking white entitlement and white privilege, yet fail to obtain it, having learned from their anti-feminist, white dad, and self-hating Asian mother – that white is right.

These people are open white supremacists who get together as “revenge” against non-whites, in attempt to prove that they are “integrated” and that Asian women are “better” than White women – and they place their entire value in their children in how “white” they look – going so far as to raise their children as de-facto white supremacists and going to every length to prove that the Asian wife is “almost white,” and that his children are “white.”

Any half-Asian who has seen how certain Asian women treat their husbands and their own heritage avoids them as long as we can. Most of us are EXTREMELY aware of the “stigma” of dating Asian women – when we know that it reflects poorly on us. The overwhelming majority of half-Asians that are able to, generally avoid Asian women – for a variety of reasons (usually because of their racist attitudes, as well as their extremely brutal, pragmatic way of viewing life – given many of us have Tiger Mothers). See my expose on Elliot Rodger to understand this. Many of us – if it’s even possible given the racist micromanagement of the Asian mother and white father – attempt to date anything BUT Asian, if racist white society even allows this, since many of us look very, very Asian.

However, I did everything in my power to warn people of the dynamic of hyper racist,  disgusting white men who deliberately target “family-oriented,” “traditional,” “chaste,” “smart” Asian women (who will not sleep with black men), and who “appreciate” white men and white features.

If you choose to ignore this – and the immense damage these people will cause society, then that is the world you want to live in. I cannot stop you from wanting that.

I am not a jealous Asian man. I do, however, look Asian, people treat me as such, and I understand wholly that being Asian is a monumental disadvantage, and I am a man, yet first and foremost I understand that these people are flat out racists, that terrify me, and I cannot stand by and watch this. I myself recognize my own severe mental problems as well as my insecurity with my heritage and inbuild racism, and I am asking you to, as well.

I’m sorry – but I had to. I literally HAD to start this ball rolling, and its many, many many, many views – because it was life or death for many of us. I felt the deaths of those bullied, lonely half-Asians who didn’t make it. I’m sorry if this website offends you – but there was no other way.

There are half-Asian people out there that are “fine.” Most of them look and identify as white, and are extremely paranoid of their Asian heritage.

But there will many, even if a small percentage, that will not. Some will look too Asian, which is very bad, and for us – our lives are a different story from the rest. Nobody cares about Asians; Asian activism is dead, Asian people are sharply divided along gender lines, for obvious reasons – and that will have consequences, somewhere down the line. All I care is remembering the lives that were lost – and helping people to understand a strange dynamic that is taking place. This has been 40 years of the same thing – and it is not stopping. People have not changed; white entitlement has not changed; Asian women’s extremely narrow, “pragmatic” view towards life has not changed. So the consequences will not, either. I want people to know that everything that happened before – and happens after – is the result of this insane dynamic of White supremacist men marrying Asian women to “take back power” against White women – and some Asian women marrying White men in an attempt to feel as if they belong, to escape the Asian ghetto.

I’m half-Asian with a psychotic Chinese mom and an ultra conservative, friendless, essentially autistic white German-English dad. Their marriage was an utter nightmare, with my mother (typical hair dyeing, constantly wearing large summer hats and scarves in summer to avoid her skin darkening, slathering herself in smelly cream) pretty much spending the entire time screaming and crying because she was so disappointed that my father was an ultra conservative, racist white guy who wanted an Asian woman because he thought white women were too slutty and that Asian women were more honorable, traditional, family oriented, intelligent, loyal, clean and chaste.

Our household was extreme violent, with my mother forcing my father to sleep on the couch for the majority of their “marriage,” once she realized that he wasn’t making enough money because he was afraid the world was ending because of Jews. I’m serious.

I’m warning you about a peculiar dynamic that is going to cause some, if not many, half-Asian men and women some serious trouble in the future. This is not a joke. This is legitimate, and the clock is ticking.

I avoided Asian women for 25 years for the same reason every other Half-Asian guy does; because it’s a last resort for guys who need to feel powerful and desired because these guys have nowhere else to go – it doesn’t mean that they care about racism, at all. Like my parents wanted, I identified as white as long as I could.

Also I didn’t want to get nagged, scolded (like my mother did to my dad after forcing him onto the couch for ten years), and I definitely didn’t feel like I wanted a relationship with a woman who saw me as an “upgrade.”

I was too good for that, in my mind.

I’ve been writing since 2012, long before I even came in contact with the worst “couples,” ever since then it just confirmed what I suspected about my parents and I learned to be more comfortable with myself.

Every time a guy has some kind of physical defect (bald, ugly, short) or social defect (racism, conspiracy theories), for whatever reason, he “likes” Asian women, because they’re the only ones who will give him a chance. This is probably because certain Asian women hate themselves, hate their faces, hate the color of their skin, hate their lack of deep eyes, their unrefined facial features, hate their bodies, hate Asians, and are totally asexual and status obsessed to the point that they’ll willingly marry ugly men simply to have something to make them feel in control and less ugly. These are their thoughts, not mine. This what they sincerely believe.

Almost every single non-Asian guy who “likes” Asian women has some form of “racist Tourette’s” where he cannot stop talking about feminism, Asian males, white women, black people; and logically upsets any biracial person who identifies as Asian in our already racist world; worse still is that these men are inherently dangerous. That’s what HalfAsian.org is – to point out the immense danger these men, women, and their children will pose, in their quest for the “maximization of whiteness.” These new white supremacists will stop at nothing to reaffirm whiteness, and because of the “chaotic” nature of their relationship – they will go as far as they need to, to prove this. Their children will, as well. Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, were the first echos of this sentiment: half-Asians who truly believed that they were white.

The guys who also like Asian women, are also the guys who feel a need to badmouth Asians, because these are legitimately the most rejected, loser white men on the planet, and need Asian women to help them feel like they’re in control, and meaningful, for once – and guess what?

Half-Asians look Asian. Sorry to disappoint you guys! I mean, I know you hate Asian men, but one IS going to pop out of your lady’s vagina, like it or not. Perhaps even more nightmarish is that a bulk of us look clearly non-White. The others racially ambiguous, the others maybe a bit white. But that doesn’t matter – because we are all legitimately being raised by, and as white supremacists.

Either way:

I write because I have an extremely racist dad, who is essentially an autist, a conspiracy theorist, a Holocaust denier, a black hater, a HUGE Jew hater, a gay hater, a feminism hater, a “degeneracy” hater. Some would call him a paleoconservative, others a Nazi sympathizer.

He was also an Asiaphile; spoke two Asian languages and believed Asia was a “noble” and “honorable” culture that was better than the “Jewed” West. He and my mother ruined my life due to their low effort, fetishistic marriage, because essentially, my father would have been unable to marry, were it not for the built-in self hatred found in Asian culture.

It dawned on me later in life that there is a “type” of guy who likes Asian women. I wasn’t one of them, and I tried NOT to be one of them, until I started getting treated like an Asian guy, and got treated like an Asian guy by the same losers and ugly, balding men who could only get Asian women to feel powerful, and lo and behold, they sought to hurt and demean me for being part-Asian as well.

Obviously, half-Asians that get treated as Asian (despite not wanting to), being raised in broken homes by perpetually depressed Asian moms who for whatever reason, decided to marry racist, passive aggressive, autistic, mean spirited, ugly, anti-social, friendless white men, are going to have problems.

Our parents, ironically, are on the forefront of a war against children who look non-white, and especially children who look Asian, and it is such an incredible disaster for us, because half-Asians are raised with a deep seated hatred of anything Asian, to the point that many of us feel as if even looking a tiny bit Asian is a horrific and insurmountable sin. Moreover, many of our parents actively work to micromanage and control many aspects of our lives – trying to control who and what we date, trying to instill us with racism that would not work even within white-white couples, and trying to weaponize us to “take back” the power from liberals, blacks, Jews, and other groups.

This will have profound and devastating effects on everyone. This is perhaps the most important sociological issue facing the West.

I’ve dated beautiful women of every race but Asian – which actually made other men (the same men who “like” Asian women, as a way to feel powerful and not ugly), harass me for being Asian.

So no, I’m not a jealous Asian man.

I am, however, pretty damn worried that these couples pose a threat to society as do their children, since these same losers are incessantly trying to boost themselves in Asian women’s eyes (because no one else will take them), and in doing so, are willing to hurt and even kill Asian looking men (including me). Even worse is that some of these guys are legitimate white supremacists who feel entitled to white women but just can’t get them because they’re ugly, so they go right for “submissive, quite, traditional, family oriented” Asian ladies, without considering that we have to live with Asian blood in the West. Even worse than that is I understand that Half-Asian kids out there are going to have a really hard time with the scowling, screaming Tiger Mom and the beaten down Neo-Nazi dad.

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