"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, far-right, anti-social, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian men marry "traditional, family oriented, submissive," extremely racist, abusive asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian - and hear "no asian guys", and have to deal with constant racism against asian men? An honest appraisal of self hatred and the frightening sociology of fetishes and their outcome.

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most strange, racist, spiteful and hateful people – especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer white men – why is this, and what happens to the children – especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and white women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to white men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many white supremacists, alt-rightists, and white nationalists have Asian partners? Why do racist white men fetishize Asian women, and why do Asian women fetishize white men – and what does that mean for the children? Compiled by the son of a racist white father and a racist Chinese mother.

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"Asian women are better than White women.", "Half-Asian Children are Better than Half-Black Children.", "I'm Not Racist, My Mother is Asian.", "I'm Not Racist, My Wife is Asian.", "White women love n*gg*rs, so I will marry an Asian.", Asian women as replacements for "feminist, slutty" White women, Asian women hate White women, Asian women in the far-right, Asians and the Alt-Right, Based Stickman and his Asian wife and Kids

4chan incels create a disturbing cartoon comparing “virgin Asian waifus” to “Chad’s White roastie.” Rife with extreme racist stereotypes, including saying that the White roastie “always supports anti-west ideologies,” and that the Asian woman is “naturally hairless.” Yellow fever is rooted in extreme racism and misogynist, Eurocentric expectations about the “purity” of Asian women compared to “white mudsharks and coalburners”. Why did Half-Chinese Elliot Rodger inherit similar ideas?

"Asian women are better than White women.", "Half-Asian Children are Better than Half-Black Children.", "I'm Not Racist, My Wife is Asian.", "White women love n*gg*rs, so I will marry an Asian.", Asians and the Alt-Right, Eurasians and White Supremacy, Eurasians Look Full Asian, Explaining Hapa Behavior, Hapa Women and their Higher Status than Hapa Men, How the sons and daughters of Asian men and white women are more successful, How White / Black / Latin / Non-Asian Mothers Produce Better Children, The Celeste Ng phenomenon: White men and Asian women who hate Asian men and White women, White men and Asian women Being Racist Against Their Own Children, White men Hate Asian Men - Yet Raise Asian Sons

The actress Pom Klementieff who played “Mantis” in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers: Infinity War, is in fact Half-Asian with a White father and a Korean mother; when she was a child, her older brother, like half-Asian men who are rejected by both sides and treated poorly by white men and Asian women, killed himself. In contrast, the actor who played Draxx, Dave Batista, has a Phillipino father and a White mother.