"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What happens when racist, alt-right, anti-feminist, anti-asian white men marry extremely racist asian women that hate asian men and hope their children look white - and have a son or daughter who looks asian?

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most racist, spiteful and hateful people – especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer White men – why is this, and what happens to the children – especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and White women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to White men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many White supremacists, alt-rightists, and White Nationalists have Asian partners?

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White Redditor named Jeremy Haakma, with an Taiwanese girlfriend, makes Asian penis joke, displaying the common insecurity, racism and hypocrisy of antisocial White males who target Asian women as a last resort and for “revenge” against society and White women, that highly endangers their half-Asian sons who oftentimes pass as full Asian, while having a father who hates Asian males to an unusual degree

"Asian women are better than White women.", "I'm Not Racist, My Wife is Asian.", "White women love n*gg*rs, so I will marry an Asian.", Asian women in the far-right, Asians and the Alt-Right, Eurasians and White Supremacy, How White Mothers Produce Better Children, Incels and Asian women, racist white men asian women, The Alt Right and Asian Women, White men and Asian women who hate Asian men and White women, White men Hate Asian Men - Yet Raise Asian Sons

White man leaves a horribly racist comment about blacks on a Youtube video clip from the movie “Birth of a Nation.” Going through his video “likes” reveals a strange penchant for Asian, especially Thai, women. Why do racist white men fetishize Asian women so much – and what does that mean for the half-Asian children?