"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What it's actually like looking Asian with a far-right, anti-feminist white father, and a self-loathing Asian mother who hoped for privileged "white, blue eyed babies." An appraisal of fetishes and self-hatred.

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most strange, racist, spiteful and hateful people – especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer white men – why is this, and what happens to the children – especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and white women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to white men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many white supremacists, alt-rightists, and white nationalists have Asian partners? Why do racist white men fetishize Asian women, and why do Asian women fetishize white men – and what does that mean for the children? Compiled by the son of a racist white father and a racist Chinese mother.

Who owns HalfAsian.org? I do, son of a Holocaust-denier, black-hating, conspiracy theorist, and a Violent, white supremacist Chinese woman – and I look and identify as an Asian male

Who owns this website? Why am I providing all of this information?

I do; Eurasian Writer, son of a racist, friendless, Holocaust denying, anti-black, extremely anti-feminist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, and extremely paleoconservative, conspiracy-theorist, tall white man and a screaming, vicious, insanely violent Chinese woman who pretty much committed suicide after a long, miserable, constantly-argumentative and violent marriage because she was so unhappy about her choice of marrying a racist who did not want to work because he believed that the Jews were in control of the banking system and society. In other words, her desperate self-hatred and desire to integrate into white power structures, and escape being Asian – which, according to the world at large, is nothing but a joke – prevented her from realizing that the men who fetishize women like her were routinely, just very bad, very racist men looking for an easy way to affirm their white male masculinity by taking advantage of low-status, self-hating Asian women with low self-esteem due to their appearance and cultural isolation.

I write because this is just wrong. White worship is wrong. Fetishization is wrong.

Racism in interracial relationships is wrong – and cost my mother her life, and me mine.

I write because I was subject to racism – but this wasn’t just ordinary racism; this was racism from people that should otherwise not have been racist to me, because I represented their future.

It is fundamentally wrong to hope for a biracial Asian child to look white (most half Asians look Asian), to raise a child under the pretense that it pass as white, and to marry a woman with the belief that she is antifeminist, and a “replacement” white woman – and that half-Asian children are “replacement white children.”

But more importantly, I write this because I know where this is all leading. I know where I’m coming from – and I know that half-Asian mental illness is extreme, but more importantly:

Recently I’ve been worried that these couples, or their children, might actually become violent against people of color (including me).

We are the only biracial people raised by extremely racist, anti-social parents, something no other group – even some whites – totally lack.

The white supremacists of the future will all be half-Asian. The Asians of the future – will all have some variant of the MGTOW, MRA, racist, alt-right White dads and cruel, delusional, pragmatists Asian moms – and Asian is just simply, bad, worse, and horrible, in the minds of not only Western society – but our own parents. In fact, it’s already too late, because for decades it was ignored that racist white men fetishize Asian women and create children that are pressured to pass as white – yet rarely do, especially to discerning white eyes.

In fact – racist Asians will qualify you as white, or Asian, depending on how they want to use and blame you.

The entire idea behind Asian-white marriage is to create children that don’t look Asian, and to absorb Asian women as a replacement for white women, when these same white women reject unattractive, anti-social white men. But many of us are still considered Asian by society, which makes no distinction between half and full. Racism and stereotypes against Asians are not solved through intermarriage to white and non-Asian men, only prolonged, and the intensity of racism against Asian men is probably made even worse by the predominance of WMAF marriages.

Our parents won’t listen – so all I can do is just warn the public at large that this is a real phenomenon, with real social and psychological results as a whole.

I swore, the minute that I faced racism, that I would dismantle this subject permanently, get non-violent, protracted revenge for my mother’s death, and get revenge on the people who were racist against me – including western society as a whole; and I will not stop until I am in the grave.

I intend to provide the information out of deep fear for the safety of others, especially after the incidents of Elliot Rodger, and Stephen Paddock, because I am familiar at an incredibly minute level, with the hyper-racist nature of White male and Asian female pairing; and there is nothing you can to stop me. I will be everywhere; I will control things in ways that seem improbably and implausible for a single individual to do – but I have help from other disgrunted Eurasians who are angry that we faced racism, and were lied to about what we were. We come from a long line of very intelligent, very angry Eurasian men who have, since our first creation – been enraged at our treatment by society.

Oh, b-b-b-b-but you’re probably a bitter Asian man! You think you own Asian women!

Well, actually, I do identify as an Asian guy, because other people always pointed out my Asian features, and people view me as Asian, so you’re right, that I am an Asian man, as will your son be an Asian man. Many Asian men that you see on the street could very well be half-Asian.

I sure as hell am not white, despite what White men and Asian women hope their children resemble. In other words, my face screams “ASIAN” when people see me – so this is how I identify to avoid going insane from my family’s attempt to identify me as White.

I do not think I “own” Asian women, and this is just a tactic that white male racists use to justify “saving” Asian women from Asian men while being racist against Asian males – and Asians in general. It’s also a brilliant way for Asian women to cater themselves to White males who think that they’re helping out Asian women.

Quite the opposite really; I avoided Asian women for a long, long, long, long, long time merely because of a very strong stigma, as well as my strong, internalized racism, as well as a strong distaste for their self-hating, the bitterness, the general acidic quality of their personalities, their meanness, lack of empathy, casually cruelty to others, their lack of a genuine, free-spirited and kind attitude, and “controlling” attitude that I found in my mother.

Having spent my life on the brink between “bad” Asian and “good” White – naturally I was smart enough to realize at a young age that identifying as White had more benefits; but this stopped into my 20’s once I began to look much more Asian, and people started treating me as a full Asian. Moreso, I did not want to ever date an Asian woman for fear that she would just seem as an upgrade, and just wanted a normal, happy relationship with other women.

I have dated many women, from black, Indian, Hispanic, and white – and have received harassment for being an Asian male who did so, and the irony was that the most intense and hurtful harassment came from the same unattractive, insecure men who sought Asian women, because these same men were rejected by non-Asian women.

I avoided Asian women for most of my life, simply because I saw how they were literally the first choice of racist losers like my father, and the last choice for others, with other men going for non-Asian women. I also got wind, early on, of the bitter, nagging, screaming, screeching, perpetually angry attitude of my mother and her sisters – which was in stark contrast to the kinder, more free spirited, and less calculating nature of other women. I suppose you could say that Elliot Rodger also understood this dynamic at a core level.

Women have agency!

They absolutely do, but that doesnt mean what you are doing is right, and in this case – the agency to raise biracial children as white is wrong. I’m not going to lecture you on what is right – I’m going to explain to everyone else who knows that you’re wrong, the social cost of what you’ve done, and what’s going to happen. I write this objectively, as a half-Asian who has endured an immense amount, and understands where this is leading.

In other words, Asian women, unfortunately, attract men with “yellow fever,” which is racist men with expectations of Asian women to be traditiona, family oriented, forgiving and “easy” as long as you are white (or non-Asian).

Attraction towards Asian women is pretty much rooted in the idea that the man who is attracted to them, is more attractive than any Asian man, and thereby can easily obtain an Asian woman when he fails with non-Asian women.

Men desperate to have a sense of masculinity-by-comparison, will strangely seek out Asian women as a way to feel more powerful, especially over the lowest punching bag – Asian males, and Half-Asian males, by extension. After all, as much of a loser or a anti-social loser a man might be – he’s still better than an Asian male.

And so men who “like” Asian women will more often than not, go out of their way – with the help of their insecure girlfriends or wives – to attack and demean Asian / Half-Asian men, with non-Asian partners.

Many non-Asian women who are in love with Asian or half-Asian men have reported that ironically – their most intense harassment has come from Asian women, and their white male partners, who attack AMWF out of jealousy at their genuine nature.

I find some Asian women (generally the ones who demand a white partner) constantly angry, scowling, manipulative, cruel, and self-hating (like my mother and her sexless marriage), which makes many half-Asian men avoid them. Nobody really likes people that are self-hating, and the men that do, are usually racists who want to take advantage of it – hence the immense problems half-Asian people face being raised by privileged, conservative white dads who feel that their whiteness is under attack and use their Asian wives and girlfriends as “proof” that they are being validated for their whiteness.

I am merely here to warn people that the wholesale acceptance of Asian women as honorary whites, while Asian men are seen as enemies, will lead to some very messed up children, given that many racist white men fetishize Asian women because Asian women are more implicitly pro-white (due to their naïve cultural desire for status), pro-traditional (due to their cultural pragmatism towards sex, wherein “love” is largely a transaction, which causes many white men to view them as “chaste”), than even white women are.

In other words, for anti-social, racist white men who feel as if the west is in danger – it is almost a default choice of theirs to fetishize Asian women as a last-ditch effort to find a traditional, loyal woman to make him feel “in control.” I understand this, and understand that this will lead somewhere.

I am, most of all, EXTREMELY TERRIFIED of the damaged half-Asian children that will not be able to adjust or reconcile having a racist, white supremacist father who wants his children to carry on his racism and uses his “traditional,” white skinned, Asian wife as a justification for his racism against Asians (and others), and a mother who encourages her child to identify as white, while he or she is mocked by society at large for looking or being Asian. “Good looks” (in the odd case that they are actually true) do not prevent racism – just as they do not prevent racism against good looking black, Hispanic and Arab men.

In the current environment, with the rise of alt-right and white-chauvinist politics, biracial people are going to be severely pitted and tested, and will, ultimately, be required to choose sides, and our mothers, by choosing white men – implicitly hope to define half-Asians as white. With the rise of Asia, as well as the rise of American white and implicitly white nationalism (many of the men involved in which, are in fact married to “traditional” Asian women who allow them to harbor such right-wing politics), the fate of half-Asians will be strongly, strongly tested. In other words, the rise of Asia is going to actually upset the same racist white men who are married to Asian women, as well as Asian women who do not care about the rise of Asia, but merely in having white-passing children.

Unlike other biracials, the entire point of racist white men marrying Asian women is to create white children – something physically impossible. Any “white passing” Half-Asian children are merely encouraged to do so, which is equally dangerous – meaning that we will see more and more half-Asian white supremacists, catalyzed by our current racist environment. Worse, there will be a huge number of half-Asians who look and identify as Asian, Latino and even Middle-Eastern and will be subjected to a new form of white supremacy, one enforced by white men and their non-white wives and girlfriends. These women do not care about anything other than having white looking offspring, and thus, they attract men who are similarly interested; and social scientists are very foolish to ignore this horrible phenomenon.

However, nothing you can say or do can stop me from my ten year goal of gaining total, universal awareness of this, and I already have, with a subreddit that gained 65 million views in 4 and a half years. You are endangering your children, and people around you, and people of color, and progress, by using Asian women as a vessel to propogate your racism – not realizing the mental taxation this does on children that are already enduring racism in society, without the added confusion from their hateful, anti-progressive parents.

I predict that the children of White men and Asian women will be the white supremacists of the future – working overtime to ensure that the old racism of their fathers is reinforced over people of color – all of which will be fueled by their insecurity about their Asian heritage, and desperation to be as white as their fathers and mothers hoped – an impossible task, made worse by the fact that there are such incredible, and still unfulfilled after decades, myths about Eurasian superiority, which are just false. These myths were merely made up by racist white men and self-hating Asian women looking for a safety net for their mutual attraction based on mutual goals of carrying out intense racist agendas against society.

Myths about Eurasian superiority were merely made up to justify the feeling that Asian women had that their children would be beautiful, instead of merely just less ugly than their mothers believed that they were.

Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw are two examples in recent memory of half-Asians that have achieved more prominence than any other Half-Asian has in a long time; both for terrible, race based crimes rooted in insecurity and white supremacy. They represent a growing trend (which I am very frightened about, since I understand it so well) in the maladjusted Half-Asians who did not ever truly overcome their self-hatred (something unique to Asian people due to their features), but more so found a way to compensate for it by following the political beliefs of their anti-feminist, racist white fathers who fetishized Asian women specifically because Asian women were seen as less “slutty” and “feminist” than white women – who were the real prize for these men.

This is very specific to half-Asians and half-Whites (especially those who have White fathers and Asian mothers), whose mothers firmly believed that Asianness was ugly, even in themselves – and the White men, and only White men, who took advantage of this self-hatred in order to get “revenge” on white women, blacks, minorities, and other “leftists,” because Asian women, in their mind, were easier to control, and frankly, easier to predict and form relationships with. Since Asian appearances still are viewed as universally bad, mixing between White men and Asian women (two people that generally just use each other to maximize on the concept of whiteness), does not mean that Asianness is seen as anything “good.” Rather, white racists and Asian women believe that Asianness is bad, and white maleness is good, and Asian women merely a replacement for White women who rejected them in favor of liberalism.

The half-Asian children will in turn just be raised to be very adamantly anti-Asian and pro-white, as was Elliot Rodger, but also deeply insecure about their Asian features, who their mothers were convinced were inferior to white; but since genuinely racist white people, do not accept half-Asians, and oftentimes are keen on nitpicking our features – this can have disastrous results for half-Asians who yearn to be as white as their fathers, but lack the bone structure or the hair and eye color to truly ever be seen as white.

Why does it seem that the men who “like” Asian women are just always, always, ALWAYS, running their mouths about feminists, Asian men, white women, blacks, Muslims, and other progressive causes?

A relationship is supposed to be happy – not based on “revenge.”

I’m Half Asian, and was so disgusted by your wanton racism, masquerading behind the mask of an interracial relationship, and the damage you are doing to not only Asian people, to other people of color, while using your relationship as proof that you’re somehow doing something right – that is the definition of evil.

I do not think I own Asian women. I do not like Asian women in particular – in fact, I avoided them, like many Half-Asians do, because their low self-esteem and willingness to associate with the dregs of society, makes us feel uncomfortable doing so. Many of them, also, are very unattractive, not because of their looks, but their extremely hostile, self-hating behavior, and many of the women in my family despite being married to racist white men, are completely controlling, and perpetually bitter about their lack of status and the poor quality of their husbands.

The problem was that I encountered racism for being part Asian – and much of that racism came from men who were perfectly happy having sex with Asian women, because they were all they could get. The men who oftentimes resort to Asian women (because of their self hatred) will harbor intense resentment towards Asian men who marry non-Asian women, particularly because of jealousy towards a functioning relationship between two, generally, more attractive people that love each other for the right reasons.

I am Hapa. Half Hong Kong Chinese, through my mother; she was literally the stereotype of the Asian woman seeking a white man, compulsive, self-hating, money obsessed and mentally unbalanced. She dyed her hair, wore colored contacts, and attempted her best at integrating into her new home – the United States.

It all failed, and she was miserable for her entire life, since the world would constantly remind her that she wasn’t white, and her decision to marry based on nothing but race made her unprepared for the financial and social realities of marrying a man who couldn’t cut it with white women, and spent much of his time listening to Neo-Nazi radio, HAM radio, reading books about the death of the west, and denying the Holocaust. After that came the vicious beatings of the two half-Asian children, my mother calling the cops on my father after his umpteenth rant about Steven Speilberg being a Satanic Jew, about the Holocaust never happening; the separate bedrooms, my father sleeping on the couch, and then, ultimately, my mother’s death after she decided to stop medical treatment due to me having been born via C-section – which led to a bad blood infusion –  because my father had decided to leave his job because he believed 9/11 – the work of Jews – was a sign of the end of the world.

My father was and is a vitriolic paleoconservative, conspiracy theorist, racist, Holocaust denier and conveniently enough, an Asiaphile who views Asian countries as being far less “degenerate”. He studied several Asian cultures, but mostly Japanese, before settling with the first Chinese woman that threw herself at him; 20 years later, he had the audacity to tell me that Chinese are the Jews of the Orient, and that Chinese women are way too harsh on their husbands. This was a result, of course, of the inevitable realization that many Asian women can become Tiger Mothers, and like any other women, demand a standard of behavior that many of these “yellow fever” types fail to meet.

Apparently, he even later admitted, after twenty years of being harangued by my mother, watching her beat my brother and I for failing to play instruments the right way or long enough, or making us beat each other, or beating us with the dull end of a meat cleaver before turning the meat cleaver on herself out of anger at her marriage to such a financially insecure loser, that he had wished he had married a Japanese woman instead.

I am the stereotypical Eurasian; born to a good looking mother and father, an upbringing of divorce, violence, and dysfunction, a young professional who experienced a meteoric rise in my youth and crashed on realizing the reality of race in the world, having been unprepared for racism, and mentally distraught from being born from a highly loaded, racist pairing. My brother, a former child prodigy, also had a spectacular collapse, and our condition was such that women in my family actually decided against having kids with their white partners on seeing how badly we turned out.

Being Eurasian, being put in close proximity to whiteness by both of my parents, can be a recipe for disaster, especially as many Eurasians are trained to view whiteness as good, and Asianness as very, very bad. In fact, it can be said that Asian women’s preference for whiteness is essentially a reversion to a Caucasian mean, away from an Asian deviation, which, in their mind, relegates them to a Gilded Ghetto, both culturally and physically.

The problem is that many Half-Asians look Asian, and so Asian women and White men that “like” Asian women because white women are too feminist or slutty or cuntish, or whatever, hate Asian men even more, because Asian men are supposedly beneath even the biggest loser on the planet – a white man who blames women and Jews and blacks for his failure, despite having the entire world handed to him on a platter.

Other half-Asians look more white – not that that matters, because they are raised to view whiteness as superior to everyone else, being raised by a white-supremacist Asian mother who feels like she finally integrated, and a white dad who feels that his Asian wife was able to magically provide him with the white kids that he couldn’t wrest from a white feminist.

Asian or white, many, many half-Asians are incredible damaged, insecure, arrogant for little reason and firmly believe in some kind of eugenic superiority over other mixed races, mixed races that are empirically much more successful than any half-Asian ever was or will be, despite all of our pouting and Asian jokes.

The danger of being Eurasian is that the mother hates herself, prizes whiteness, and prizes the idea of being able to supplant the White woman; the white father is generally of some quality (generally a negative one) in which he takes advantage of Asian women and their deference to whiteness, and self-hatred, in order to find partnership. Meaning that many, many racist white men seem to idealize Asian women.

I do not want other Eurasians to have suffered like I did. I want Eurasians and Asians to understand that they are valuable members of society, even when there is an incredible war behind waged on them, specifically by a subset of fetishists who tolerate it. Asian culture, also, creates a cataclysmic parenting pattern which propagates violence against children and a deprivation of self-esteem, and it is vital that this is approached logically and that biracial Asian children have proper outreach methods for them in order to survive and flourish.

Take the information on this website for what it is. I do not have the answers, only what I understand as to why this is happening.

“I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” combined with “my babies have blue eyes,” – is something everyone should be aware of.

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